Top 10 Best Portable Battery Operated Fans Reviews In 2022

In summers, you need a perfect appliance to deal with the scorching heat. One such product is a battery-operated fan. It comes in handy design so that you can easily take it anywhere you want. With it, you don’t have to worry about plugging it into any power source as it allows you to use it with the help of a battery. It delivers superior performance and can be perfect for camping, picnics, and outdoor parties.

You will find different types of battery-operated fans when you look on the internet. However, you will have to consider different factors and see if it lets you make the maximum out of it. To guide you in making the right purchase, our team has selected the top 10 best battery-operated fans.

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Top 10 Best Portable Battery Operated Fans Reviews

10-Treva Portable Battery Fan

Treva 10-Inch Portable Desktop Air Circulation Battery Fan

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This battery-operated fan delivers a cool breeze while working at your office and other spaces. This portable air ventilator also comes with the construction of durable and high-density plastic material. Moreover, the inbuilt handle helps you to carry this model along with you almost everywhere. The 10-inch blades produce strong airflow. You can use an AC adapter or 6 D-cell batteries to make this fan work.

This portable fan also comes along with 2-speed adjustable functions. Furthermore, at any speed mode, this model runs almost silently and smoothly. The ultra-thin profile of this unit easily fits the tight desk space and more. The patented blade design makes this fan lesser power-consuming with maximized air circulation.


  • Space-efficient design for user comfort.
  • Effortlessly operational and transferable design.
  • Multi-application design for enhanced satisfaction.

9-DP Ultra Quiet Cooling USB Personal Table Fan

DP Battery Operated Desk Fan

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This battery-operated fan comes along with a pair of 2000-mAh batteries and a 18650 rechargeable battery. This model also has a 3-level speed adjustment function. Moreover, according to the speed levels, the fan can run for 2 to 6-hours. This travel-friendly mini desk fan comes with the highest wind distance of 20-feet. You will get a USB cable to offer reliable and faster charging.

The multiple USB charging connections also allow you to charge this fan from your power bank and more. Furthermore, the silent and smooth motor of this model helps you to sleep peacefully during the night. The LED light of this fan works as a perfect night light for your home.


  • Easy weight design for enhanced maneuverability.
  • Advanced power support design for uninterrupted service.
  • A high-power mechanism for improved area coverage.
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8-SkyGenius Battery Operated Mini Desk Fan

SkyGenius Battery Operated Clip on Mini Desk Fan

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The lightweight and compact structure of this personal fan makes portability convenient for all. You can also conveniently rotate the fan head up to a 360-degree angle. Moreover, you can rotate the head freely both in vertical and horizontal directions. The rechargeable 18650-battery makes this model work for 2 to 6-hours. You can charge this battery by using your power bank, laptop, and USB charger.

The strong clip also comes with a maximum opening width of 2.5-inch. Furthermore, the skid-resistant mat prevents this fan from wobbling during operation. You can use this model in your office, home, car, gym, camping, and other spaces. This mini battery-operated fan even works with a rechargeable and replaceable 2600-mAh battery.


  • Ultra weight design for enhanced mobility.
  • Easy and secure fit design with sturdy designed hold.
  • Multi-functional design for enhanced comfort.

7-COMLIFE Clip On Stroller Fan

COMLIFE F170 Clip On Stroller Fan

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To deliver strong air circulation, this battery-operated fan helps you to stay cool in your workspace. The automatic oscillation function also makes this fan rotate automatically to deliver proper air circulation. Moreover, the inbuilt, rechargeable 5000-mAh battery makes charging hassle-free for all. Even, this powerful battery retains the charge for hours. With 4-hours of full charging, this fan works for 4.5 to 40-hours.

The 360-degree vertical and horizontal rotating function also allows you to adjust the wind flow accordingly. Furthermore, the micro-USB port supports multiple charging ways. Therefore, you can charge this model by using a car charger, laptop, and power bank. From the office desk to the gym studio, this fan keeps you cool almost everywhere.


  • Multiple setup design for user comfort.
  • High-performance backup design for enhanced satisfaction.
  • Easily maneuverable design for a comfortable experience.

6-Be1 Battery Operated Fan with Timer

Battery Operated Fan with Timer

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This personal fan is just the right thing for camping, office, home, traveling, scouting, and other spaces. Backed by powerful 5200-mAh fixed batteries, the battery-operated fan also runs for 4 to 15-hours. Moreover, the ultra-compact model makes both storage and transportability convenient for individuals. The automatic shut-off function of this timer lets your adjustable the time from 2 to 6-hour.

This fan also comes with an average working time of 4 to 15-hours depending on the speed modes. Furthermore, the dual charging function makes charging rapid. Even, the rechargeable battery runs for almost 5-hours. The head of this fan manually rotates at a 360-degree angle accordingly. This fan works best during an accidental power outage.


  • Advanced non-rust design for a long-lasting experience
  • Multiple purpose design for improved satisfaction.
  • Multi-mode control settings for user comfort.
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5-SmartDevil Small Desk Fan Rechargeable Battery Operated Fans

SmartDevil Small Desk Fan

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This battery-operated fan works best as a personal mini fan for individuals. The USB-operated model also supports quick and stable charging. Moreover, the head of this device is adjustable up to a 45-degree angle. Therefore, the head goes up and down according to your requirements. The simple design of this air ventilator includes three pieces of blades.

With the help of a brushless motor, the blades also produce fast and smooth wind flow. Furthermore, the one-button control helps users to adjust the speed of the mode from high, medium to low. The detachable blade guard makes cleaning hassle-free for all. This model has a rechargeable 3000-mAh battery to offer 12 to 15-hours of continuous operation.


  • Flexible construction for a comfortable experience.
  • Dynamic, easy operational configuration for enhanced comfort.
  • Tangle-free design for consumer satisfaction.

4-OPOLAR Rechargeable Battery Operated Personal Fan

OPOLAR 10000mAh Rechargeable Clip on Fan

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Equipped with a strong, rechargeable 10000-mAh battery, this battery-operated fan continuously runs for 24-hours. This unit also supports 2A fast and reliable charging. Moreover, you can use this personal fan while running on a treadmill, traveling, and in other spaces. The motor of this model runs almost silently and smoothly. However, this fan only produces 20 to 40-dB operational noise.

The manual flipping also helps you to flip the fan at a 360-degree angle. Furthermore, this model requires a micro-USB or USB type-C cable to run this fan. You can adjust the speed of the fan up to four different levels. The energy-efficient mode makes this air ventilator work continuously almost for 12-hours.


  • Multiple angle swivel design for consumer comfort.
  • Ergonomic design with enhanced power support.
  • High-performance safety construction for enhanced satisfaction.

3-Geek Aire Portable Battery Operated Floor Fan

Geek Aire Fan, Battery Operated Floor Fan

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This battery-operated fan has the construction of a heavy-duty metal shell. The UV-resistant finish also prolongs the lifespan of this fan. Moreover, you can conveniently carry this ventilator system to your camping spaces. This floor fan comes along with a detachable 15000-mAh lithium-ion battery. You can alternately run this fan by using an AC adapter.

This model also can run for 3 to 23-hours continuously by depending on the speed of your fan. Furthermore, the 360-degree tilting head lets you adjust the wind flow direction freely. The motor of this machine produces up to 1500-CFM of airflow. The dual power design lets you use this fan both in indoor and outdoor spaces.

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  • Highly rugged design for long-lasting durability.
  • Advance resistant design for enhanced comfort.
  • Highly advanced machinery for superior performance.

2-Gazeled Portable Fan Rechargeable

Portable Fan Rechargeable

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This battery-operated fan includes a powerful 10000-mAh polymer battery. The oscillating fan also allows you to rotate the direction up to a 360-degree angle. Moreover, this large-capacity air ventilator comes along with 8-inch blades. Therefore, this fan produces high-speed air circulation. You can conveniently adjust the speed of the fan up to three different levels.

With the help of an energy-saving mode, you can also use this fan for days without any hassle. Furthermore, the dual charging port system lets you charge the battery by using USB-C and micro-USB cables. The 2A charging system charges the battery completely within 6-hours. This cordless fan has strong clamps to offer easy installation against tents, treadmills, and strollers.


  • Easy clasp base design for enhanced easy installation.
  • Dynamic power support for super comfort.
  • Multiple-dimensional twist design for a comfortable experience.

1-KOONIE Rechargeable Battery Operated Desk Fan

Koonie Rechargeable Battery Operated Desk Fan

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This ultra-light and portable battery-operated fan comes with a powerful 10000-mAh battery. The fan also offers 5-volt or 2A rapid charging. Moreover, this personal ventilator comes with a 360-degree rotatable head. With the help of an automatic shut-off function, you can automatically turn off the fan from 2 to 6-hours. At different speed levels, this air ventilator can run for 7.5 to 40-hours.

The sturdy hanging hook also helps you to hang this against walls, ceiling and trees, and other spaces. Furthermore, the dual charging port helps users to charge the battery from 7 to 8-hours. The ultra-quiet motor has a 4-level speed adjustment. You will get a 2.3-inch clamp to clamp this fan almost anywhere.


  • Energy-efficient and easy weight design for user comfort.
  • Easy operational design with improved power support.
  • Effortlessly maneuverable design for consumer satisfaction.


A battery-operated fan is light in weight and hence, it is very easy to use, and therefore, it has wide applications. You can carry it with you anywhere you go and enjoy cool air out of it to beat the heat. Check out all the different types of battery-operated fans and compare the products before purchasing one.

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