Top 10 Best Salon Towels Reviews In 2021

If you work in the salon, then you know the crucial role salon towels play each day as you make your client’s hair. Salon towels are a must-have in the salon. When looking to buy one, you must select towels that feel soft to touch and are comfortable with the client. They must be fresh and retain their color after a period of use. In this post, we are helping you select the best salon towels by narrowing your search down to ten that we think rank top. Read through our salon towel reviews below and choose a set of towels that best suit your needs.

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Top 10 Best Salon Towels Reviews

10-Utopia Towels Cotton Bleach Proof Towel, 24 Pack

Utopia Towels Cotton Bleach Proof Towel, 24 Pack

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 This is a quality pack of 24 comfortable and luxurious salon towels. They are a durable choice with an inline to hold against chemicals and bleach. They are 100 percent cotton and bleach proof making them ideal for your gym, salon, and spa. Measuring 16 by 27 inches, the towels are a perfect size to offer a reliable and efficient service. You can also wash in a machine making maintenance pretty easy.


  • Bleach proof
  • 100 percent cotton
  • Quick dry
  • Measure 16 by 27 inches
  • Machine washable

9-Comfy Microfiber Towel 10 Pack

Comfy Microfiber Towel 10 Pack

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This is a pretty simple ten-pack Comfy salon towels and one of the best picks on the list. It features long-lasting microfiber construction. The material is absorbent and ultra-soft to feel comfortable with the client.  The towels are also stained and shrink resistant reaming in good shape for long. With 80 percent cotton and 20 percent polyester, these towels are six times more durable than pure cotton.


  • 16 x 29 inches in size
  • 10 –pack
  • Absorbent and ultra-soft
  • Shrink and stain resistant
  • 80 percent polyester and 20 percent polyamide
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8-Egyptian Towels 100 Percent Cotton SALON Towel

Egyptian Towels 100 Percent Cotton SALON Towel

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The Egyptian salon towels are a 12-pack set of high-quality white cotton towels. The towels are perfectly sized and measure 16 by 27 inches ideal for use in a salon, massage spa, dusting dashboards, and much more. The towels are made of quality cotton that is vibrant and fresh.  It is a highly absorbent cotton that remains soft even when wet. Overall, this is an affordable set of salon towels that are easy to maintain by washing drying in a machine.


  • 12 cotton towels
  • 100 percent soft cotton
  • Machine washable
  • Soft and absorbent

7-Cotton Towel – Gym Towel Hand Towel

Cotton Towel – Gym Towel Hand Towel

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These are luxurious Ring Spun cotton towels and one of the most comfortable picks to use on your clients. The towels deliver optimal absorbency and softness. They are a versatile selection that remains fresh and vibrant for long. You can be sure your clients will love these towels. The 12-pack set is a good value pick for your money and perfect size of 16 x 26 inches. You can also use these towels in your bathroom where they deliver the same quality performance as bathroom towels.


  • Pack of 12 towels
  • 100 ringspun cotton
  • 16 by 26 inches
  • Fresh and vibrant

6-Cotton Towels 24-Pack

Cotton Towels 24-Pack

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Coming at a special discounted price, this is another valuable set of 24 towels ideal for any salon. These towels are made of the clean terry cotton that feels soft to touch.  They remain fresh and vibrant for longer. They are also perfectly sized 16 by 27 inches to serve all your salon needs. The Ringspun cotton offers maximum absorbency and softness to your clients. Overall, you can order these towels with confidence and enjoy a long-lasting performance from them. They are machine washable and rarely fade.


  • Measure 16 by 27 inches
  • Machine washable in a normal cycle
  • A pack of 24 rings spun soft cotton towels
  • Absorb and retain moisture more
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5-Comfy White Microfiber Salon Towels – 10 Pack

Comfy White Microfiber Salon Towels – 10 Pack

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The Comfy brand of towels is a high-quality selection at affordable prices and always an excellent addition to our list. This is a quality 10-pack salon towel measuring 16 by 29 inches. It is an ideal selection designed long-lasting microfiber towels to serve you for long. They are lovely white towels with a smooth and soft feel. The towels will always be a great addition to your salon.


  • Durable microfiber cotton
  • Measure 16 by 29 inches
  • 10-pack
  • White

4-Diane Softness with Duraguard, Grey, 10 Pack

Diane Softness with Duraguard, Grey, 10 Pack

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The Diane towels are pure soft and comfortable with microfiber cotton for long-lasting use. You get ten towel pieces with three times better absorbent capabilities and six times more durability. The towels are also stained resistant making them ideal for a wide range of use. Measuring 16 inches by 29 inches, this towel will not shrink or wrinkle easily.


  • 16 x 29 inches
  • Wrinkle and shrink-resistant
  • Ten towels per pack
  • Three times more cotton

3-Cotton Salon Towels 24-pack

Cotton Salon Towels 24-pack

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This is another high-quality salon towel pack made from the soft and comfortable ringspun cotton. It is a perfect choice for hair care and bathing with maximum absorbency. It is crafted from clean terry material and quite easy to clean. The towel retains moisture well and remains fresh and vibrant for long smelling nice. Overall, this is a valuable pack giving you an amazing 24 pieces. It is also machine washable in normal cycles with colored clothes.


  • Machine washable
  • 16 x 27 inches
  • Crafted from terry cloth
  • Ring-spun cotton
  • 24 pieces
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2-Cotton Towels 12- Pack by Gold Textiles

Cotton Towels 12- Pack by Gold Textiles

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This is a 12 pack of soft and luxurious salon towels made purely of cotton to feel soft and comfortable on the skin. The towels are a nice craft from the terry cloth and absorb maximum moisture while retaining it. This allows these towels to remain fresh and vibrant for the longest time possible. They also appear clean for longer. The towels measure 27 by 16 inches, a perfect size for any task in the salon or bathroom. Overall, it is another excellent choice for bathing or hair care.


  • Measure 16 by 27 inches
  • 100 percent cotton
  • Crafted of terry cloth material
  • Ring-spun cotton
  • Maximum absorbency and softness

1-Towels by Doctor Joe ULTRA-15BLK Safe-2-Bleach

Towels by Doctor Joe ULTRA-15BLK Safe-2-Bleach

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The Doctor Joe salon towels are another excellent salon towel to bring an end to our list.  They a durable choice made of towels safe to bleach. The types of towels are eight times more durable than cotton salon towels. You are guaranteed over 500 items of washing without fading, shrinking, or staining. They are a sustainable pick that spends less time in the dryer saving you energy and time. The fact that they remain soft after 500 items of washing makes them a great pick to buy this year.


  • Over 500 items of washing
  • Eight times durable than normal cotton towels
  • Soft and comfortable
  • Fresh and vibrant for long


Get your salon any of these excellent packs of towels today and give your clients the best treatment. These are the best towels to buy this year with a wide range of features. They are soft, absorb well, and remain fresh and vibrant for long.

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