Top 10 Best Chainsaw Gloves Reviews In 2021

Personal protection is highly recommended when using a chain saw. It is important to use a chain saw glove so that you can prevent any kind of unwanted injury. It is a highly reliable product that allows you to use a vibrating chain saw. Moreover, it not only protects your hands but makes sure there will be better control of your tool. Personal protective equipment can be ideal for different professionals.

As the internet has tons of chain saw gloves, you will find it a daunting task to get the right one. You will have to see if it delivers better performance and make sure there will be a comfort. To assist you in making the right decision, our team has come up with the top 10 best chain saw gloves. This will help you in comparing the different features so that you make the right investment.


Top 10 Best Chainsaw Gloves Reviews

10-Superior Lumberworks Chainsaw Glove

 Endura Hi-Viz Cut-Resistant Chainsaw Gloves- 385CS

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The chain saw glove is available in a pair, and it lets you have superior comfort. This offers better protection to your hands, and it has a highly dexterous surface. Moreover, the product comes with eight-layer lining so that it can last longer. It has the ability to deliver outstanding performance and can withstand chain saw running at a speed of 3140 feet in a minute.

Furthermore, it has anti-vibration reinforcement and comes in a water-repellent design. Additionally, it makes sure there will be no debris as this comes with elasticized Velcro wrists. This is safe to use and has smooth goatskin leather palms. The product is also very breathable and suitable for different applications.


  • Water-repellant, smooth grain goatskin leather palms.
  • Built-in anti-vibration reinforcement.
  • Improves comfort and keeps out debris.

9-Vgo Chainsaw Work Gloves

 Vgo Chainsaw Work Gloves Saw Protection on Left Hand Back(1Pair,Size XL,Orange,GA8912)

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Giving you the advantage to have a perfect fit, here is a chain saw glove that is available in multiple sizes. This is suitable for a wide range of applications, and it helps to protect your hands from any impact. Moreover, this is made of premium quality leather and is extremely durable. Additionally, it lets you have superior comfort and comes with high visibility stretch spandex.

This is also very breathable and has better dexterity. In this, you will find pre-curved fingers so that there can be a better grip. Furthermore, the product has CE certification and features Velcro adjustments for firm fitting. This also has a neoprene cuff, and it lets you have smartphone control with touch screen compatibility.

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  • Extra cut resistance, standard class protection.
  • Ensures firm fitting adjustment and breathable.
  • Pre-curved fingers for great fit/grip.

8-Ironclad General Work Gloves

 Ironclad General Utility Work Gloves GUG, All-Purpose, Performance Fit, Durable, Machine Washable, (1 Pair), Medium - GUG-03-M

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If you are looking for a chain saw glove that delivers a remarkable performance, then this can be the right one for you. This is made of high quality materials, and it lets you have a perfect fit by selecting from multiple sizes. Moreover, it is composed of thermoplastic rubber and helps to protect from abrasion and impact.

Furthermore, it makes sure there will be a secure fit as this comes with adjustable hook and loop closure. Additionally, this will also let you have a comfortable feeling as this comes with the feature of sweat management. It delivers consistent performance and is in a machine-washable design. The product comes with a flawless fit system and can be perfect for different tasks.


  • Engineered fit and machine washable.
  • Sweat management feature and secure fit.
  • Hand safety and high-performance task.

7-Husqvarna Functional Saw Protection Gloves

 Husqvarna 579380210 Functional Saw Protection Gloves, Large

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Are you looking for a chain saw glove that lets you use it safely? This one comes in a cut-resistant design, and it has outstanding performance. This is safe to use and comes with high visibility colors. The product also has an attractive look as this features the Crown H logo. Additionally, it has spandex fabric on the back, and you can even choose from multiple sizes.

This is composed of high quality materials and has improved longevity. Furthermore, it features goatskin palm and makes sure that there will be better protection while performing any task. Moreover, it does not disappoint you when it comes to performance and has easy maintenance.


  • Features cut resistant in left hand.
  • Equipped with spandex fabric back.
  • High visibility colors and goatskin palm.

6-Youngstown General Utility Glove

Youngstown Glove 05-3080-70-L General Utility Lined with KEVLAR Glove Large, Gray

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Composed of different types of materials, this one has cut resistant performance. The chain saw glove has complete lining so that you can use it safely. It helps to protect your hand while performing any task, and it has non-slip reinforcement on the palm. It offers a better grip so that there can be easy controls. Moreover, it is also very durable and lets you have a comfortable experience.

Additionally, it features soft terry cloth on the thumb that lets you wipe away sweat from your face. This is highly reliable and comes in an ergonomic design. Furthermore, it also has non-slip saddle reinforcement that can protect the critical wear area. The product comes with adjustable Velcro closure.

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  • Wipe away sweat and debris.
  • Sown with soft terry cloth.
  • Features non-slip reinforcement on the palm.

5-Oregon Safety Protective Chainsaw Gloves

Oregon 564449 Safety Protective Chainsaw Gloves

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Equipped with multiple features, here is a chain saw glove that offers better protection when you are working. This comes in perfect shape and features reinforced palm. Moreover, it comes with leather reinforcement on the exposed areas that make it deliver reliable performance. Additionally, it features knitted cuffs and comes with fluorescent back.

You will also find waterproof leather palm, and it has water repellent polyester back. Furthermore, it is ideal for hard-wearing, and you can use it safely for extended periods. This offers you extra gripping power so that you can have better control while using your tools. It makes sure there will be improved maneuverability and is a trustworthy product.


  • Features back and knitted cuffs.
  • Hard-wearing and waterproof kid leather palm.
  • Comes with water-repellant polyester back.

4-Echo Chainsaw Reinforced Protective Gloves

 Echo 99988801601 Chainsaw Kevlar Reinforced Protective Gloves - Large

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Here is a chain saw glove that has cut resistance performance as this comes with a dual-layer back. This is composed of superior quality materials and is extremely durable. Moreover, it lets you have a comfortable experience and has goatskin leather for a superior grip. Additionally, you will also find Velcro wrist closure that allows you to have a perfect fit.

In this, you will find reinforced fingertips as well as buckles for durable performance. Furthermore, you can easily use it for a wide range of applications and make the most out of it. This comes with easy maintenance and has a lightweight construction. This also has an attractive look and reduces vibration with firm padding.


  • Cut resistant with 2 layers of Kevlar.
  • Vibration reduction with foam pad.
  • Firm grip with 100% goatskin leather.

3-MaxPower Chainsaw Safety Gloves

 MaxPower 336586 Chainsaw Safety Gloves

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Providing you with better flexibility, this one will make sure there will be improved productivity. The chain saw glove has reinforced thumb so that there can be superior protection. This also comes with PVC secure on the grip patches for reliable performance. Additionally, you can have a snug fit as this comes with elastic Velcro.

Moreover, this has an attractive look, and it gives you the advantage of using it with different types of tools. The product is also very durable and has a soft construction for user comfort. Furthermore, it comes with ballistic nylon for improved protection, and it has a lightweight construction.

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  • Comes with reinforced thumb for protection.
  • Extra protection with Ballistic nylon.
  • Snug fit with elastic Velcro.

2-Cowhide Leather Palm Gloves by Elvex

 Cowhide Leather Palm Gloves, Suede Gauntlet Cuff, Prolar, Blue/Orange, Medium

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Ideal for different types of professional applications, this chain saw glove delivers cut-resistant performance. It is a highly reliable product and lets you use it safely. This can go with different types of tools, and it comes in a durable design. Moreover, the product is composed of high quality materials and has a lightweight construction.

Additionally, it has the ability to resist abrasion so that there can be better protection. It is available in a pair and features polyethylene coating for reliable performance. Furthermore, this meets the standards of ANSI and makes sure there will be a perfect fit. This also comes with a good grip and helps to prevent any kind of injury while using your chain saw.


  • Features coating coverage left knuckle area.
  • Comes with polyethylene coating material.
  • Equipped with cut resistant gloves.

1-Chain Saw Safety Gloves by Powercare

 Chain Saw Safety Gloves

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Offering you better protection while using your chain saw, this one comes with ballistic nylon on the back. The chain saw glove has reliable performance, and it makes sure there will be superior comfort. Moreover, this also comes with better breathability so that your hands remain dry and cool. The product comes in lightweight construction and has a better color for safe operation.

Furthermore, the product has an elastic Velcro that offers you a perfect fit. It is composed of high quality materials and is very durable. Additionally, it is also flexible and includes secure grip patches. This can go in professional applications and has reinforced thumb design.


  • Added protection with ballistic nylon.
  • Equipped with breathable padded spandex.
  • Comes in flexible, soft, and durable.


With a chain saw glove, there will be superior protection to your hands while performing different tasks. Always go for the one that delivers reliable performance and lets you use it for a long time. It must offer you value for money and must not provide any kind of hindrance. A chain saw glove must offer you multiple options and lets you use it for a wide range of applications.

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