10 Best Folding Lightweight Electric Wheelchairs for Sale Reviews In 2021

Electric wheelchairs are perfect when it comes to easy manoeuvrability and provide with great independence. Thus it becomes very easy to move around and get your daily tasks done. The best thing about the wheelchairs is that you do not need to give any effort to use them. It will travel miles even without needing any manual labour. Having amazing weight capacity, it is usually foldable and travel-friendly. Since it runs on batteries, you do not need to go through any hassle.

In this list below, you get a deep insight into the best rated electric wheelchairs. If you want to give any user comfort, then this is the best choice without a doubt.


Top 10 Best Electric Wheelchairs for Disable reviews

10. Porto Mobility Ranger D09 Portable Power Electric Wheelchairs

Porto Mobility Ranger D09 Portable Power Wheelchair

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Porto Mobility brings a revolutionary foldable electric wheelchair which puts most other competitor products to shame. And it’s due to the highly versatile design and heavy-duty durable construction. It has a frame of aluminium alloy which is light yet strong and completely immune to rusting. Due to its superior engineering and construction, the chair can easily bear as much as 396 pounds of weight effortlessly. Moreover, it won’t just meet your expectations, but surpass them by a huge margin.

It can also turn within a very small radius which makes it more manoeuvrable in tight spaces and narrow lanes. Both the wheels are made from tough PU material which lets them overcome most obstacles without suffering from any punctures. With front wheels of 8 inches and real wheels of 12 inches, you can go off on unpredictable terrain as well. But the best feature is probably the foldable design. As a matter of fact, it reduces its volume tremendously and makes it fit inside trunks of regular sedans like the Honda Civic.

Key features:

  • Covered by a 3 year warranty period on the frame and a 2 year warranty period on the motor.
  • For comfortably sitting at tables and desks the chair also has risible footrest and armrest.
  • Dual Lithium batteries can give you a 15-miles range.
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9. ComfyGO Folding Electric Wheelchairs

6011 Comfy Go Electric Wheelchair Adults

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On a single charge, the sturdy wheels of this compact electric wheelchair can take you as far as 12 miles. The wheels are solid and don’t run the risk of getting punctured. You can conquer not just on concrete and asphalt, but also over muddy and bumpy roads. No need to worry about safety either since it has been approved by the FDA and meets those standards.

The motor that drives the wheels is also powerful but quiet. It is small and even has certification from CE.

Key features:

  • The joystick has a detachable cord for an easy switch between the left hand and right-hand use.
  • Its battery can easily cover 12-miles on a single charge.
  •  Can even carry someone with the bulky build, weighing up to 275 pounds.

8.  ComfyGO Exclusive Deluxe Electric Wheelchairs

ComfyGO Exclusive Deluxe Electric Wheelchair

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ComfyGo presents to you probably one of the most lightweight electric wheelchairs in this price segment. In the folded condition, it occupies the space of a standard luggage case and weighs just 40 pounds. This is possible due to strong but light and rust-resistant aluminium construction that also gives the chair load-bearing capacity of 120 kgs.

You can easily move around on it with comfort and style. Moreover, it has a weight of only 40 lbs. Having a Bluetooth remote control, now you can have full control over your wheelchair. Lastly, the shock absorber aims at making the ride super comfortable.

Key features:

  • The joystick has an LCD display with battery level indicator and other necessary information.
  • While you are driving downhill the chair has an automatic braking system which keeps you safe and secured.
  • Maintenance cost is negligible and has a decent riding speed of 6 km/ph.
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7. ComfyGO Electric Power Wheelchair Scooter

ComfyGO Electric Power Wheelchair Scooter

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ComfyGO always strives to create products with strict quality standards. So, they are providing you with a warranty period of 3 years for the frame on this wheelchair. The frame has an aircraft-grade aluminium alloy construction. As a result, gives you a lightweight design compared to those heavy and bulky wheelchairs and that too without any compromise in strength. The innovative design looks beautiful and is folded down within the same time it takes to drink a glass of water.

For a great ride experience, you also get a pair of 250-watt motors that never fails to impress you. It can maintain a stable and consistent ride even on unpredictable terrain due to the motors and flat-free large wheels. The simple electric wheel chair’s joystick controller also comes with a Bluetooth remote that lets you control it from far away.

Key features:

  • The joystick is used on both sides due to the detachable cord.
  • Has an inbuilt horn for convenience.
  • Weighs under 60 pounds and has been approved by the FDA.

6. Porto Mobility Ranger X6 Power Wheelchair

Porto Mobility Ranger X6 Power Wheelchair

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While this wheelchair from Portola Tech has efficient motors, batteries and other features that are expected in a good quality product, it also has an option for manual override. The manual override switches are located at the back. Simply pushing the switch turns off electrical power to the wheels and lets a caregiver push the chair.

The wheels also have a design that prevents them from tipping during a turn or other manoeuvres. However, the portable electric wheelchair has a weight of 59 lbs and the battery can take you to a distance of 13 miles. In fact, there is a storage section just under the seat.

Key features:

  • Even bumpy and challenging rides would be smooth due to the 4 shocks.
  • The easy knob lets you adjust the height of the backrest.
  • In electric mode, electromagnetic brakes kick in on an incline to prevent unintentional rolling.

5. Alton Electric Wheelchairs for Adult

Alton Best Rated Exclusive Dual “500W” Motors Deluxe Electric Wheelchair for Adults

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5 seconds is all the time it takes for you to fold this chair into the size of a suitcase. With a full charge, the lithium batteries can power its motor for a continuous ride that can last for 13 miles. It has wheels which aren’t pneumatic in nature and don’t suffer from punctures. They won’t disappoint you on various types of terrain either.

The seat is cushioned and breathable enough to be cool during hot summer days. It just folds up in a matter of 5 seconds. Finally, the 360-degrees waterproof joystick enables smoothest operations always.

Key features:

  • Large rear wheels are 16-inches in diameter while the front wheels are half that big.
  • The cushioned backrest is pretty comfortable for the user.
  • The batteries provide direct current at 12 volts for the brushless motor.

4. Culver Best Wheelchair 2020 Wide Ultra Lightweight Electric Wheelchair 


Culver 2020 Wide Ultra Lightweight Fold & Travel Electric Heavy Duty Mobility Power Wheelchair Scooter Travel Safe

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No need to invest in an expensive lift for your car or SUV or start a long disassembling for fitting your wheelchair inside or above your car. This wheelchair from Culver Medical solves those problems with a brilliant design that lets you fold this chair and fit it in the trunk in just a few seconds. It doesn’t require a lot of storage space and great for anyone suffering from mobility issues. It has a comfy cushioning backrest and seat which makes a stroll on the chair just delightful.

At the front, you get swivelling wheels, while the back has large patterned wheels to get you through most terrain. In comparison to other electric wheelchairs, this one has carbon steel construction, which gives it a higher resistance to corrosion and keeps it lightweight. The lightweight design also makes it easier for you to bring it out or put it back into the car.

Key features:

  • It has two efficient rechargeable batteries that together give you a decent 13-mile range on a full charge.
  • Small front wheels give you a turning radius of just 33-inches.
  • The wheelchair can go at a maximum speed of 4 mph.

3. ELENKER  Foldable Lightweight Electric Wheelchair for Outdoor Home

ELENKER 2020 Electric Wheelchair

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In its folded form you can roll it over the ground just like a luggage carrier case and fit it inside the trunk of your car. With a total battery capacity of 6Ah, this wheelchair can give you a ride for miles. Unlike other wheelchairs, this one doesn’t just have fabric, but padded seat and backrest for a relaxed and comfortable ride.

With a motor power of 250watts and incredible solid wheels, you will get a ride free from obstructions. The overall wheelchair plus the battery weighs only 41lbs.

Key features:

  • Adjustable Speed.
  • Low noise and Save energy

2. Porto Mobility Ranger Lightweight Foldable Weatherproof Exclusive Electric Wheelchair


Porto Mobility Ranger D09 Lightweight Foldable Weatherproof Exclusive Electric Wheelchair

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Porto offers you an electric wheelchair with a large cushioned seat and a comfy backrest. For controlling the chair you get easy to use a joystick with simple controls. It lets you drive the chair in any direction and is also waterproof. So, a few splashes of water or spilt drinks wouldn’t be an issue.

It also has LED indicators which inform you about speed and remaining power in the battery. Besides, the spray steel wheelchair is folded down whenever needed. Finally, the breathable seat will certainly make it a perfect choice of the users.

Key features:

  • It can easily move around with 400 pounds of weight.
  • Tires can take a lot of stress and stand up to wear and tear without ever going flat.
  • 32-inch front wheels make for a very short turning radius.

1.WISGING Smart Electric Wheelchairs Lightweight

WISGING Smart Electric Wheelchairs Lightweight

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Even with batteries, this wheelchair weighs just around 58 pounds. No need to do any heavy lifting or install special hardware in your car to get this thing in and out of your trunk. Aluminium construction keeps the chair less bulky than other models and the suitcase-sized folded form is really easy to handle. Compared to cheaper alternatives this chair has the front-wheel-drive as well. So, you can move around in full circles without any issues.

Furthermore, the lithium batteries that supply the power are charged within just 6 to 8 hours and give you over 15 miles of range. The 24V dual motors use 250 watts of power for a stable and comfortable ride that can cover 4 miles every hour. This seat is also well padded everywhere from the backrest to the seat with thick cushions. You won’t have a sore back after having a trip of the miniature golf course.

 Key features:

  • With high traction rear wheels made from PU material, you can ride this chair on grass, snowy, muddy and other kinds of roads.
  • Has the ability to go uphill till the inclination is not more than 35-degrees.


When you have the convenience of using battery-operated wheelchairs then why to choose the ones that are manually operated? The electric wheelchair advantages are many, so, make the most of it.

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