Top 10 Best Fingerprint Door Lock Reviews In 2021

Improving the security of your home in a digital way will let you have better convenience. By using a fingerprint door lock, you don’t have to worry about carrying keys or have the fear of burglary. However, Fingerprint door locks work with the help of digital fingerprints and use biometrics. It is a smart way of locking doors and comes in a keyless design. Moreover, It is perfect for both home and office

Fingerprint locks are very reliable and make sure there will be maximum security. It can be an ideal replacement for your traditional locking mechanism. However, you will have to make sure if it has improved reliability. Here are the top 10 fingerprint door locks that will allow you to make the right buy.


Top 10 Best Fingerprint Door Lock Reviews

10-Keyless Door Locks by ZKTeco

AL20B Keyless Entry Door Lock Deadbolt, Bluetooth Biometric Lever Lock with Fingerprint Electronic Keypad Digital Smart Lock for Home

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This fingerprint door lock usually works within the temperature range 32-degree Fahrenheit. The Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity allows users to share passcode easily. Moreover, the touch-sensitive keypad comes with an anti-peep function for user’s convenience and safety. This system keeps a record of the 24X7 activity of the door.

This door lock also allows you to set a one-time password for visitors. Furthermore, for an emergency, this system comes with a hidden backup keyhole. The lock-out mode allows administrators to block other users’ permissions with ease. Also, The silent mode helps you to turn the volume off while sleeping.


  • It comes in with an anti-peep virtual password.
  • Equipped with a unique key for each user.
  • User-friendly and expedient with adjustable volume.

9-WeJupit Fingerprint Lock

WeJupit V8 Smart Fingerprint Door Lock, Keyless Entry Stainless Steel Touchscreen with Electronic Keypads, Spare Key, Two-Factor Authentication, Biometric Digital Auto-Lock (Right Handle)

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This fingerprint door lock involves the construction of heavy-duty stainless-steel material. The 304-grade material is also resistant to rust, weather, and collision. However, This digital lock runs for a long time with the help of 4 AA batteries. This lock only takes 0.5-seconds to identify the fingerprint. This smart biometric lock keeps records of 200 pieces of fingerprints.

This lock also works with a maximum working temperature of 104-degree Fahrenheit. Furthermore, this door lock is only suitable for right-handed doors. The optical fingerprint sensor is suitable for both children and elderly people. This system fits most of the wooden doors with a maximum thickness of 2-2/5-inch.

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  • It comes with an easy DIY installation process.
  • Long-lasting, safe, and super expedient.
  • Equipped with high capacity and sensitivity.

8-Ultraloq Fingerprint Smart Lock

Ultraloq UL3 BT Bluetooth Enabled Fingerprint and Touchscreen Smart Lock (Satin Nickel) | 5-in-1 Keyless Entry | Secure Finger ID | Anti-peep Code | Works with iOS and Android | Match Home Aesthetics

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This fingerprint door lock comes with 5-in-1 keyless access to the doors. This lock also supports the DIY installation. Moreover, the application-controlled biometric lock works with most of the devices. This system unlocks with fingerprint scanning, pass-coding, keys, and knock-to-open function. However, You can conveniently operate the unlocking function with the help of a smartphone.

This deadbolt also comes along with wireless Bluetooth connectivity. Furthermore, this touch-sensitive keypad provides anti-beep coding. The lock works with a temperature range of 14 to 131-degree Fahrenheit. However, This reversible handle works with both left and right-handed doors. The satin nickel finish of this digital lock protects against harsh environmental elements.


  • Features auto-relock and DIY installation.
  • Waterproof and has a reversible handle.
  • Equipped with advanced fingerprint identification.

7-Fingerprint Keyless Smart Lock by HARFO

Newest Fingerprint and Touchscreen Keyless Entry Door Lock, Keyless Door Lock, Fingerprint Door Lock, Passcode Code Door Lock, Smart Lock, Smart Lever Door Lock for Home, 2020 New Model (Sliver)

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This fingerprint door lock also works with most of the doors with a maximum thickness of 2-3/16-inch. The deadbolt button of this lock also limits the access to the administrators for safety. Moreover, this function conveniently increases the privacy of the lock. This system includes a hidden backup keyhole for emergency unlocking.

With the help of advanced fingerprint identification, the lock also saves up to 300 pieces of fingerprints. Furthermore, the anti-peep touch-screen keypad lets you insert passcode without any difficulty. You can simply set code from 4 to 12 digits. The reversible handle works with most left and right-handed doors.


  • Increase the privacy level with the deadbolt button.
  • Fast and secure fingerprint recognition system.
  • Features voice guide and OLED display.

6-Sifely Keyless Door Lock

Sifely Keyless Entry Door Lock, Keypad Door Lock, Keyless Door Lock, Fingerprint Door Lock, Biometric Door Lock, Keypad Entry Door Lock, Passcode Code Door Lock, Digital Smart Door Lock (Smart Lock)

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This fingerprint door lock supports a 5-in-1 keyless smart unlocking system. You can also use this biometric door lock for your rental properties, residences, and other commercial places. Moreover, the Wi-Fi gateway of this lock helps you to lock and unlock the door from anywhere and anytime. The touch-sensitive keypad helps users to share the passcode with other users.

You can also unlock this digital lock by using a passcode, fingerprint, smartphone, keys, and Fobs. Furthermore, the smart system lets users keep track of the real-time access logs. The reversible design of this lock allows users to install it on both left and right-handed doors.

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  • Check real-time access logs anytime/anywhere.
  • Equipped with numerous methods to unlock.
  • Reversible handle for left/right-handed door.

5-Samsung Biometric Digital Lock

Samsung SHS-P718-LMK Push Pull Biometric Touchscreen Digital Door Lock, Code Fingerprint and RFID Entry, Small Mortise (AML-220)

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This touch-screen fingerprint door lock offers an automatic lock. This smart biometric lock also comes with a fire detection sensor. Moreover, unlike the cylindrical deadbolt locks, this mortise lock with an electronic system offers more safety and durability. The contemporary design of this lock simply goes well with both interior and exterior of doors.

You can also use this lock for commercial places, homes, apartments, and office buildings. Furthermore, the touch-sensitive keypad panel includes a fingerprint passcode system. The LED user-friendly UI shows the door access status. This door lock registers up to 100 pieces of fingerprints. Besides, The mortise sensor automatically locks the door for safety.


  • Random security code and tested structure.
  • Tough, strong, and usage is easy.
  • Complement any interior or exterior door.

4-AIGURD Fingerprint Lock

AIGURD Fingerprint Door Lock, Stainless Steel Keyless Entry Door Lock, Biometric Door Lock, Keyless Door Lock, Keypad Door Lock, Digital Smart Door Lock, Keypad Entry Door Lock(Left-Handle

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This biometric door lock supports 3-in-1 unlocking facilities. So, apart from fingerprint unlocking, you can also unlock the door by using keys and pass-codes. Moreover, the biometric lock can retain up to 200 pieces of fingerprints. The fingerprint scanner is efficient enough to scan the fingerprints of both children and elderly people.

The lock also offers complete access to 10 administrators. Furthermore, 50 guests will have access to the lock for a certain period. Apart from that, 140 people can have only access to the door lock. This door lock is only suitable for left-handed doors. This lock comes with the construction of heavy-duty, weatherproof stainless-steel material.


  • Features combination open and temporary mode.
  • Use widely, and installation is simple.
  • Improve handle lifetime with irreversible handle.

3-Fingerprint Lock by SwiftFinder

Fingerprint Door Lock, Satin Nickel Digital Biometric Door Lock Touchscreen Keypad Keyless Smart Lock Electronic Entry Lock with Reversible Lever and Automatic Locking for Wood Door Office Home Door

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This fingerprint door lock comes with the construction of anti-theft nickel material. The biometric lock also retains up to 300 pieces of fingerprints. Moreover, it has a virtual touch-sensitive keypad. You can set code as an alternative to the fingerprint access. You can set the code from 4 to 12 digits.

This digital door lock also allows users to track the fingerprint entry record. Therefore, this locking system works with most of the standard USA 2-1/8-inch door holes. You can easily install this system on the doors with a maximum thickness of 2-3/8-inch. Also, This lock works with most of the left and right-handed wooden doors.

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  • Secure place by unlimited random passwords.
  • Change user code by using a touchscreen.
  • Freely change handle direction.

2-SCYAN Fingerprint Door Lock

SCYAN X9 Fingerprint Touchscreen Door Lock, Non-Handed, Satin Nickel, X9SN

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This fingerprint door lock comes along with a touch-screen keypad. The optical sensor equipped with a standard 12-key touch-sensitive control panel. Moreover, this system runs on 4 AA alkaline batteries. You can alternately use a 9-volt battery as an alternative power source. However, This door lock works at an operational temperature range of -4 to 151-degree Fahrenheit.

You can access the door by fingerprint scanning, user coding, and key. Therefore, with the help of an inbuilt touch-sensitive sensor, this lock offers one-touch unlocking. This fingerprint sensor can store up to 100 pieces of fingerprints. Also, The memory function retains the fingerprints at any condition.


  • The structure design is of heavy-duty.
  • Double verification mode for security.
  • Features weatherproof and anti-peep codes.

1-Biometric Lock by Tiffane

Biometric Fingerprint Door Lock,Security Simplified Door Lever WiFi Bluetooth APP Access Smart Digital Fingerprint Door Handle Lock

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This fingerprint door lock is suitable for 1.38 to 2.17-inch thick doors. Derived from stainless-steel and zinc alloy materials. This door lock also offers ultimate resistance against weather. Moreover, this sensor lock is sensitive enough to scan impartial fingerprints. Therefore, this handle lock is convenient for both children and elderly people.

The digital door lock also provides resistance against dirt and rust. Therefore, this lock can store up to 200 pieces of fingerprints. This lock is suitable for places, like a school, apartment, hotel, and home. Besides, This application works with a built-in lock application.


  • It comes with a built-in TT lock app.
  • Unlock in 0.5-seconds with high recognition.
  • Secured made of zinc alloy stainless-steel.


We now know that a fingerprint door lock delivers outstanding performance compared to a padlock. Moreover, It has to be a perfect investment that lets you make the most out of it. However, you will also have to see if it comes with easy operation. It has to be a reliable product with advanced features.

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