Top 10 Best Shiatsu Foot Spa Massagers Reviews In 2022

Are you looking to have a unique experience with a foot spa bath? Having foot spa massagers at home allows you to save money as you don’t have to visit professional spa centers. It is easy to use and can come with multiple features including water jets and rollers. Most of them have massagers to release the stress and strain from the muscles in your foot.

With a foot spa bath, everyone can take advantage and heal their foot.  Moreover, it lets you have easy storage and can be perfect for pampering your feet. With it, you can have a professional pedicure session right from your home and use it anytime you want. The following list contains the top 10 best foot spa massagers to choose from.


Top 10 Best Foot Spa Massagers Reviews

10-Foot Spa/Bath Massager with Heat

Foot Spa/Bath Massager with Heat

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This foot spa bath supports a one-knob operation to control the massage settings accordingly. The spa tub also consists of a pair of loofah disks. So, the loofahs deeply exfoliate the skin of your feet. Moreover, you can fill this tub with your favorite herb or bath salt. You can even use this spa massage to make your feet free of fungus and bacteria.

The spa tub also helps users to reduce stress and get rid of the pain by using the comforting spa session. Furthermore, the foot bath massager delivers energizing bubble jet massage with an infrared heating function. The Shiatsu rollers simulate hand-like kneading therapy to reduce joint and muscle pain.


  • Enhanced configuration with better system control.
  • Improved the spacious design and spill-proof.
  • High-performance construction for longevity.

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9-ACEVIVI Motorized Shiatsu Roller and Bubble Jets Foot Massager

Motorized Shiatsu Roller and Bubble Jets

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By promoting your blood circulation, the foot spa massagers offer ultimate comfort to your feet. This spa tub also makes the adjustment of water temperature from 95 to 118-degree Fahrenheit. Moreover, the spa massager comes with the construction of heavy-duty ABS plastic material. The spa treatment provided by this tub helps you to get rid of dead skin cells and calluses.

The timer also helps you to adjust the time from 10 to 60-minutes as per your comfort level. Furthermore, by elevating stress and pain, the massager keeps your ankles, feet, and joints fatigue-free. You can use this spa tub regularly to improve the functionality of your kidney and liver.

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  • Improved multi-functional digital control system.
  • Premium class material for enhanced performance.
  • Enhanced design for enhanced load ability.

8-LiveFine Foot Massager with Adjustable Speed

LiveFine Foot Spa w/Adjustable Speed

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This foot spa bath comes along with an automatic shut-off function of 30-minutes for safety. With the help of a powerful jet spray, the tub also offers bubbly oxygen bubble massage to soothe your feet. Moreover, the heating function of this spa tub lets users enjoy a hot bubble bath or a common bubble bath.

This foot spa also comes along with a few adjustable knobs to change the massage intensities. Furthermore, you can effortlessly enjoy a manual massage with rollers, warming therapy, pumice stone, bubble jets, and stimulating nodes. This spa bath has a stress-relieving heating function. So, you can have a Jacuzzi-style spa at home.


  • Finest quality material for a long-lasting experience.
  • Improved capacious design for user comfort.
  • Ergonomic design with self-draining function.

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7-Kendal All in one-foot spa bath massager

All in one foot spa bath massager

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This foot spa bath comes with countless acupressure nodes. So, you can also feel your feet relaxed and comfortable while using this spa tub. Moreover, the premium-quality PTC semiconductor retains the temperature of your water to deliver a comforting spa session. The versatile bath massager has several oxygen bubble massages and heat therapies.

The spa bath for safety also comes along with electric-leakage protection. Furthermore, the tub comes with the construction of high-quality, non-toxic plastic material. The high-frequency vibration massage improves blood circulation around your feet. The dual-insulation protection retains the warmth of the water for hours. The overheating protection makes this massage tub safe to use for hours.


  • Advanced dynamic design for a restful experience.
  • High-quality material for enhanced durability.
  • Improved design with enhanced control features.

6-Misiki Foot Bath Massager Foot Spa

Foot Spa Misiki Foot Bath Massager

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These foot spa massagers come with oxygen bubble therapy and infrared heating massage. So, you can also conveniently enjoy a soothing foot spa without going anywhere. Moreover, the gentle bubble therapy efficiently keeps you out of stress and improves your metabolism. This foot spa bath comes along with an extra footstone.

The adjustable heat function also helps you to adjust the temperature of water from 95 to 118-degree Fahrenheit. Furthermore, the tub consists of 4 pieces of detachable massage rollers. With the help of infrared lights, the tub sterilizes the water. So, you can wash your feet with proper hygiene.


  • High-quality material for a long-lasting experience.
  • Modifiable design for improved performance.
  • Advanced safety design for user satisfaction.
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5-Turejo Heat Bubbles Foot Spa Massager

Turejo Foot Spa Bath Massager with Heat Bubbles

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Backed by 6 automatic rollers, the foot spa bath provides exceptional comfort to the acupressure points of your feet. This FDA-approved spa tub also comes with a humanized design. Therefore, the tub lets you adjust the massage timer according to your requirements. The spa tub comes with an automatic draining function for the user’s convenience.

The auto-rotating pedicure stone of this massager also makes your feet feel soft and flake-free. Furthermore, the oxygen bubble massage therapy improves your blood circulation and metabolism. You can conveniently adjust the temperature of water from 95 to 118-degree Fahrenheit. This foot bathtub comes along with a brush and nail file. So, you can keep your feet free from dead skin cells.


  • Premium class material for enhanced durability.
  • Ergonomic multifunctional configuration for enhanced comfort.
  • Effective superior function for a soothing sensation.

4-TubyTime Heat Bubble Jets Foot Spa Bath Massager

TubyTime Foot Spa Bath Massager with Heat and Bubble Jets

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This foot spa bath has innovative vaporing technology to produce a soft and hot steam spa. The integrated cord storage design at the bottom of this massage tub also offers clutter-free storage. Moreover, the vaporing technology does not leave your feet wrinkly after soaking your feet in the water. This tub comes along with a rolling massage removable pedal.

Therefore, the ergonomic pedal also fits the natural contours of your feet to deliver optimal comfort. Furthermore, the one-touch operation of this spa tub brings boil to water within a minute. The sauna tub lets you enjoy a foot spa with only a cup of water.


  • Superior grade material for long-lasting comfort.
  • Easy to carry design enhanced mobility.
  • Advanced control panel for precise functions.

3-Conair Foot Spa Pedicure Spa with Massaging Bubbles

Conair Foot Spa/Pedicure Spa

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Enjoy a relaxing bubble massage by using this foot spa bath. The toe-touch control lets you immediately start the jet sprays. So, you also do not have to use your hands to enjoy a comfortable massage. Moreover, the see-through splash-guard prevents splashes from coming out. The comforting bubbles and adjustable heat settings help you to release the everyday stress of your life.

The deepwater reservoir also lets you submerge your feet. Furthermore, the massage tub includes 3 different pedicure attachments. Therefore, this spa bathtub lets you enjoy a heated bubbling spa. The massage nodes deliver full-feet massage at home. The skid-resistant tub stays stable during spa sessions.

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  • Sturdy design for enhanced durability.
  • Improved design with enhanced control features.
  • Ergonomic design for enhanced performance.

2-Revlon Soothing Massage Foot Spa

Revlon Soothing Massage Foot Spa

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Equipped with 4 massage rollers, this foot spa bath stimulates the acupressure points. So, the rollers also improve blood circulation around your feet. Moreover, the water massage offered by this tub helps you to relieve your stress. The PTC semiconductor maintains the temperature of water within 118-degree Fahrenheit.

This portable massage tub also comes with exfoliating loofah disks. Furthermore, with the help of user-friendly knobs, this foot massager lets you adjust different massage settings. You can use this massage tub to enjoy bubble-jet sprays and infrared heat massage. The soft-touch massager gently eliminates calluses and keratose. This spa bath effectively replicates the feel of manual shiatsu massage.


  • Advanced designed scrubber for superior comfort.
  • The effortless control mechanism for flexible functions.
  • High-grade material for strength and stability.

1-Giantex Heated Foot Spa Collapsible Design

Giantex Heated Foot Spa Bath Massager Collapsible Design

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This foot spa bath comes with a foldable design to make storage convenient for users. This massage tub also has the construction of heavy-duty TPR and PP material. Moreover, the deformation-free tub lasts for years, even after frequent use. The food bath comes along with retractable metal support rods. So, this foot-soaking tub offers enough safety and stability.

The slip-resistant bottom also prevents the tub from sliding during operation. Furthermore, the tub consists of 3 different spa massage settings. Therefore, you can enjoy heat therapy and bubble jet-spraying massages. The tub comes with a pumice stone, detachable massage rollers, roller massager, and scrub brush.


  • Spill-proof functions and easy handling and maintenance.
  • High-class material for extra stability and durability.
  • Multifunctional design with effortless controls.


There are a few things you need to have in your bathroom to make it a luxurious place to be in. Foot spa massagers are a perfect product to heal your sore foot and get relaxation like never before. There are different models of these foot spas available with different features and functionalities. You can also check the noise factor and availability of massagers and jets for a better experience.

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