Top 10 Best Fruit Pickers Reviews In 2021

Fruit picking is a hobby for many people. However, it requires an appropriate technique so that you don’t damage the fruit while plucking it from the trees. A fruit picker is a perfect device that allows you to pluck the fruit, and you don’t have to worry about destroying the fruit. It comes in a lightweight design and has padded baskets so that there will be no bruising on the fruit.

To buy the right fruit picker, you will have to consider multiple factors. You will have to see the different features and make sure that it is the right one for you. To help you in getting the right product, our team has handpicked the top 10 best fruit pickers. This will minimize the damage and lets you pick the fruits gently.


Top 10 Best Fruit Pickers Reviews

10-MIYA Fruit Picker Tool


MIYA Fruit Picker Tool- Height Adjustable Fruit Picker with Big Basket - 8 ft Apple Orange Pear Picker with Light-Weight Stainless Steel Pole and Extra Fruit Carrying Bag for Getting Fruits(8 FT)

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The height-adjustable fruit picker comes along with a stainless-steel handle. Therefore, you can also adjust the length of the pole from 2.6 to 8-feet. Moreover, the hand tool offers very simple installation and removal. This rake comes with a deep-pocket fruit holder. With the help of finger-like prongs, the basket firmly pulls the fruits into it.

The pole also comes along with a fruit carrying bag. Furthermore, this metal basket is perfect for picking several fruits, like lemons, kiwis, oranges, nectarines, plums, and more. With the help of double clamps, the basket firmly attaches to the pole. The padded inserts offer a bruise-free resting spot for fruits.


  • Disassemble, and installation is easy.
  • Fits most kinds of fruit trees.
  • Deep metal basket with soft pad.

9-Harrms Fruit Picker Pole Tool

 Harrms Fruit Picker Pole Tool, 8 FT Fruit Picker with Lightweight Aluminum Telescoping Pole, Fruit Picking Equipment for Getting Fruits

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With the help of a 3-step pole extension, you can extend the length of the fruit picker from 5 to 13-feet. You can use this versatile fruit-picking tool for picking mangoes, apples, peaches, grapefruits, and other delicate fruits. Moreover, the aluminum pole can extend your reach up to 20-feet.

The metal wire bucket with a padded insert also holds each fruit without causing any harm. Furthermore, the 1.2-inch thick pad prevents the small fruits, like figs, kiwis, and grapefruits from falling. The fruit storage pouch helps users to store fruits after plucking. The aluminum-alloy pole feels light in weight and does not bend or break.

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  • Make is high-quality aluminum alloy.
  • Best choice with multiple options.
  • Comes with soft sponge mat.

8-GLORYA Fruit Picker

GLORYA Fruit Picker - 5.5ft Length Adjustable Lightweight Fruit Catcher Tool - Stainless Steel Apple Orange Pear Mango and Other Fruit Tree Picker Pole with Basket

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This fruit picker comes with a stainless-steel extendable pole. With the help of easy to assemble rods, you can also extend the pole from 2.6 to 8-feet. Moreover, the complication-free design makes assembly and disassembly easier for users. The aluminum-alloy fruit holder with a soft padded insert can hold multiple fruits at once.

The lightweight rods also do not make your hands feel pain while picking fruits. Furthermore, the finger-like claws of the basket provide a soft pull while picking delicate fruits. You can use this picker tool to pick oranges, apples, pears, plums, and other fruits. The dual-clamp holds the basket firmly against the pole for easy plucking.


  • Contains multiple fruits at a time.
  • Equipped with high-quality stainless steel.
  • Lightweight material for laborious feel.

7-COCONUT Fruit Picker Tool

 COCONUT Fruit Picker Tool, Fruit Picker with Basket and Pole Easy to Assemble & Use Fruits Catcher Tree Picker for Getting Fruits(5ft)

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The stainless-steel pole of this fruit picker retracts back to 5.5-feet length to offer convenient storage and transportability. With the help of a 3-step extending function, you can extend the pole from 5, 8 to 13-feet. This lightweight steel pole is also resistant to bending, cracking, and wearing. Moreover, the wired and vinyl-coated basket keeps delicate fruits safely while plucking.

The foam padding at the bottom also causes no harm to the fruits. Furthermore, this hand tool comes along with a storage pouch. Therefore, you can store and transport the fruits with safety. This fruit-picking tool is perfect for picking kiwis, lemons, pears, pomegranates, mangoes, and peaches.


  • Attaches easily, securely onto extension pole.
  • Stainless steel structure for stability.
  • Equipped with resilient foam pad.

6-Home-X Fruit Picker Basket

 Home-X Fruit Picker Harvester Basket with Cushion to Prevent Bruising (Pole not Included)

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This fruit picker comes along with a vinyl-coated wire basket. Therefore, the basket also offers a soft resting spot for the picked fruits. Moreover, the basket of this hand tool comes with finger-like prongs to provide a soft pull on the fruits. This standard-sized basket is ideal for picking apples, peaches, mangoes, papayas, and other fruits.

The padded insert also holds each piece of fruit without causing any damage. Furthermore, with the help of included clamps, you can securely attach the basket onto the pole. The finger-like prongs of the basket provide soft pull on the fruits for bruise-free picking.


  • Feature vinyl coated wire basket.
  • Protects fruit with foam cushion.
  • Picks harvest luscious fresh fruit easily.
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5-INFLATION Fruit Picker Tool

INFLATION Fruit Picker Tool - 8 FT Stainless Steel Splicable Pole with Basket, Lightweight Fruit Picking Equipment for Getting Fruits

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With the help of a 5-feet extendable aluminum-alloy pole, this fruit picker can extend your reach up to 20-feet. The 3-step assembly process also allows users to extend the pole from 5 to 13-feet at once. Moreover, this lightweight picker includes a metal wire basket. With the help of a padded insert, this hand tool does not cause any damage to the fruits.

By simply tighten the clamps, you can also assemble the basket and picker without any difficulty. Furthermore, the basket is perfect for a wide variety of fruits, like avocados, limes, kiwis, plums, pears, and more. The pole is resistant to bending and breaking.


  • Best choice with the best quality.
  • Features high-quality aluminum alloy material.
  • Equipped with soft sponge mat.

4-DocaPole Fruit Picker

DocaPole Fruit Picker with 5-12 Foot Extension Pole - Twist-On Fruit Picker Tool with Telescopic Pole // Fruit Picker Pole // Perfect Fruit Picking Pole for Apple Picking, Avocados, and Other Fruit

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The fruit picker has a lightweight aluminum retractable pole. By using this picker, you can also extend your reach from 28 to 32-feet. Moreover, this pole retracts back to 7-feet. Moreover, this pole comes with a sturdy metal tip and a screw-on hinge tip. The tip usually rotates at 180-degree. Therefore, you can attach several attachments for hanging lights, window cleaning, and other tasks.

The foam-padded metal wire bucket is also perfect for different fruits, like papayas, mangoes, apples, oranges, and more. Furthermore, the fruit holder is large enough to accommodate multiple numbers of fruits at once. The padded insert prevents small fruits, like figs or grapefruits from falling.


  • Holds multiple pieces of fruit.
  • Features extension pole and easy twist-on.
  • Prevent bruising, preserve quality of fruit.

3-FLY HAWK Fruit Picker

FLY HAWK Fruit Picker, a 5.5-Foot-Long Fruit Picker Equipped with Optional Splicing of Lightweight Stainless Steel to Pick Apples, Oranges and Fruit Trees (5.5 Foot)

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This fruit picker comes along with a drawstring carrying case. The picker also comes with an 8-feet long pole. You can simply extend the length of the pole up to 15-feet. The stainless-steel spliced threaded rod is very much light in weight. Therefore, you can raise the pole up to 20-feet without stressing your arms. You can assemble the pole from 5 to 13-feet in no time.

With the help of a bruise-free, thick foam pad, the twist-on basket also does not cause any damage to the fruits. Furthermore, the twist on the basket is ideal for picking mangoes, lemons, apricots, figs, grapefruits, and more.

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  • Assembly is quick and extremely light.
  • Features foam pad and twist-on basket.
  • Can be mounted in three steps.

2-Metal Fruit Picker by LavoHome

LavoHome Professional Metal Fruit Picker with Long Telescoping 8ft Pole & Fruit Catcher - Reach Fruit up to 15ft Without a Ladder

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Derived from high-quality metal, this fruit picker lasts longer than any other hand tools. With the help of PVC-coating, this metal pole also offers resistance against rust and corrosion. Moreover, the 1-inch thick bruise-free pad of the fruit holder protects your fruits from getting damaged. With the length of 8-inch, the pole extends your reach up to 15-feet without using any ladder.

The handle of this picker is also retractable. So, this hand tool offers convenient storage and transportability. Furthermore, this standard-sized fruit bucket is perfect for picking apples, avocados, grapefruits, and other fruits. By simply raising your arms in standing condition, this picker can reach up to 15-feet.


  • Features an 8-foot long reach picker.
  • Fast picking and gentle on fruit.
  • Lasting use with stable metal pole.

1-EVERSPROUT 13-Foot Fruit Picker

EVERSPROUT 13-Foot Fruit Picker (20+ Foot Reach) | Preassembled, Easy to Attach Twist-On Basket | Lightweight, High-Grade Aluminum Extension Pole | +Bonus Fruit Carrying Bag

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With the length of 13-feet, this fruit picker lets users get the fruits from high branches without any height elevation. The handle of the picker is also retractable. Therefore, you can adjust the length from 5 to 13-feet accordingly. Therefore, made from lightweight aluminum material, this pole does not make your hands feel heavy while plucking fruits.

As per the height of the users, this tool also extends your reach over 20-feet without any ladder. Furthermore, the wire fruit holding basket is perfect for the fruits within the diameter range of 1.25 to 5.5-inch. So, you can use this picker to pick apples, avocados, oranges, lemons, mangoes, and more.


  • Extends to any custom length.
  • Get a secure, quick reliable attachment.
  • Provides soft landing with foam pad.


Fruit pickers come in different styles and sizes. It has to be strong enough and must not cause any damage to the fruit. Always go for the one that does not cause any fatigue or strain. You need to see if it comes in an extendable design and eliminates the need to have a ladder. Most importantly, you will have to see if that lets you enjoy waking up the fresh fruit from your garden.

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