Top 10 Best Waterproof Grill Covers Reviews In 2021

Using a grill in your backyard when you have friends and family can create memories that can last a lifetime. Your grill will act as a valuable product, and it offers you many benefits. You need to protect the grill by using grill covers. It makes sure that you use your grill for a long time as it can protect from different elements like snow, rain, wind, and hail. There will be reduced rust, and there will also be critter control.

With a grill cover, you can use your grill year after year. However, grill covers are available in different sizes and designs. We make sure that you get the perfect product and make the full out of it. Here are the top 10 best grill covers that deliver superior performance. It can be perfect during the non-grilling season and is inexpensive.


Top 10 Best Grill Covers Reviews

10-VicTsing Waterproof Grill Cover

VicTsing Grill Cover, 58-Inch Waterproof BBQ Cover

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This 58-inch wide grill cover comes with the construction of 600D polyester fabric to offer ultimate protection against water. You can also keep your grills safe from rain, snow, moisture, UV-rays, dust, and heavy wind. Moreover, the padded handles of this upholstery, along with straps, prevent the cover from moving. Therefore, the straps offer tight-fitting and stop this cover from drifting away.

The external bound seams and heavy-duty stitching also repel moisture and extend the lifespan of the cover. Furthermore, the upholstery is durable enough to withstand the abuse of wind, dust, and sand storm. This fade-resistant cover protects the grills from fading. The durable stitching protects this cover from cracking.


  • Have UV protection and rip-resistant.
  • Hose with water and dirt will disappear.
  • Consist of heavy-duty durable material.

9-Char Broil Performance Grill Cover

Char Broil Performance Grill Cover

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Derived from heavy-duty polyester fabric, this grill cover repels moisture from the surface and prevents it from reaching grills. So, you can also use this cover to deter rain, snow, water, dust, rust, and UV-rays. Moreover, the windproof upholstery comes along with wide fasteners to protect it from going away with heavy winds.

This 62-inch cover also makes a perfect fit for most of the gas grills with 3 to 4-burners. Furthermore, you can use this cover for smokers, gas grills, and more. The side straps make the customization of the cover to fit different types of grills. The sealed seams of the cover offer ultimate resistance against fading and UV-rays.


  • The premium cover features 18mil polyester fabric.
  • Has a 2-year fade-free guarantee.
  • Consists of sealed seams for water resistance.
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8-Unicook Waterproof Barbecue Gas Grill Cover

Unicook Heavy Duty Waterproof Barbecue Gas Grill Cover

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This 55-inch grill cover makes a perfect fitting for the grills with 47 to 53-inch width. Therefore, the model can also accommodate a grill with 3 to 4 burners. Moreover, this upholstery comes with the construction of heavy-duty water-resistant polyester fabric repels moisture from the surface. So, the cover offers protection to the grills from getting soaked in water.

The vinyl backing with reinforced stitching also extends the lifespan of this cover. Furthermore, the side fabric handles make a perfect fitting for most of the BBQ grills. With the help of concealed air vents, the cover offers easy moisture removal. The wide fastening straps protect the cover from blowing away.


  • Comprises of new upgraded material.
  • Consist of durable handles and straps.
  • It comes with covered air vents.

7-SARCCH Special Grill Cover, Waterproof, UV and Fade Resistant

SARCCH Grill Cover,58- inches BBQ Special Grill Cover, Waterproof,UV and Fade Resistant

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From rain, water, snow, UV-rays, dust to other harsh elements, this grill cover provides optimal protection to the grills. With the help of a double-stitched design, this cloth also offers resistance against tear. Moreover, this durable outdoor cooking tool with 58-inch width offers a perfect fit for most of the grills with 2 to 3 burners. The adjustable wide straps keep it protected even in heavy wind conditions.

The high-quality oxford fabric of the cover also offers resistance against tearing. Furthermore, the side handles of this grill cover help you to put on and take it off in a convenient way. The magic tape on the bottom of this cover prevents it from blowing away.


  • It has a lifetime replacement warranty.
  • Fits most grills with 2-3 burners.
  • It makes maneuvering really very easy.

6-Kingkong Weber Genesis E and S Series Gas Grills Includes Grill Brush

Kingkong Gas Grill Cover 7553 | 7107 Cover for Weber Genesis E and S Series Gas Grills Includes Grill Brush

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This 60-inch grill cover is compatible with the grills with 3 to 4 burners. So, you can simply use this cloth for protecting grills with the 53 to 58-inch width. This cover also comes along with a thermometer, brush, and tongs. Moreover, the polyethylene fabric construction of this cover makes it extremely resistant to water. So, you can keep your grills protected from rain, snow, and other harsh environmental elements.

This outdoor cooking tool also comes with high-density 600D polyester layering to block moisture from reaching grills. Furthermore, the dual-stitching design extends the lifespan of the cover and prevents it from tearing. The UV and fade-resistant upholstery protect the grills from getting damaged.


  • Comprises of large Velcro straps.
  • Enjoy a 36-month worry-free after-sales service.
  • Removal and cleaning made simple.
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5-Simple Houseware Waterproof Gas BBQ Grill Cover

Simple Houseware 58-inch Waterproof Heavy Duty Gas BBQ Grill Cover

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Derived from weatherproof polyester fabric, this grill cover makes a perfect fit for the grills within the width of 58-inch. A pair of side handles of this cover also helps users to put on and take it off like a breeze. Moreover, this windproof upholstery comes along with 2-inch wide fasteners. Therefore, you can tightly fasten the straps to protect it from drifting away, even during heavy-wind conditions.

The 600D polyester fabric construction, along with dual-stitching, also makes this cover exceptionally long-lasting. Furthermore, the waterproof properties simply put a stop to the damages caused by rain, snow, and moisture. The PVC layering and UV-resistant coating prevent both the cover and grill from fading and chipping.


  • Handles and fasteners straps on two sides.
  • It comes waterproof, dustproof, weather-resistant.
  • It can be used through all seasons.

4-SunPatio Barbecue Outdoor Waterproof Charcoal Gas Grill Covers

SunPatio Barbecue Grill Cover 65 Inch, Outdoor Heavy Duty Waterproof Charcoal Gas Grill Cover

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Suitable for the BBQ grills from 59 to 63-inch, this grill cover provided utmost protection to your outdoor kitchen valuables. The fastening straps also help you to secure the cover against grills to protecting it from drifting in wind. Moreover, this high-quality cover comes with the construction of heavy-duty woven fabric with vinyl backing. Therefore, this fabric offers protection against tearing and water.

By repelling snow and rain, this cover also saves your gears from getting damaged by moisture and UV rays. Furthermore, this high-quality material construction offers protection against fading and protects grills from severe damages. With the help of fabric top handles, the cover helps you to put on and take off easily.


  • Adjustable straps to fit properly.
  • Has product quality and customer satisfaction.
  • Use handles as loops to hang up.

3-Homitt Gas Grill Heavy Duty Waterproof BBQ CoverĀ 

Homitt Gas Grill Cover, 58-inch 3-4 Burner 600D Heavy Duty Waterproof BBQ Cover

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This 58-inch upholstery for outdoor kitchen appliances involves the construction of 600D oxford fabric. The utmost water-repellent texture of this cloth also keeps the rain and moisture away from the grills. Moreover, this grill cover makes a perfect match for the grills with 3 to 4-burners. So, you can use this cover for the grills with a width of 55 to 58-inch.

With the help of reinforced double-sewn edging, this cover also offers protection against ripping even in heavy wind. Furthermore, the PVC coating of this fabric simply deflects sunlight. So, this cover saves the grills from fading and makes the lifespan longer. The multifunctional cover safeguards your grills from water, rain, snow, dust, and other harmful elements.

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  • Durable sewn for edge and connection.
  • Keeps your barbecue grill like new.
  • Protects grill from fading by UV layer.

2-iCOVER BBQ Grill Covers Waterproof No Fading Smoker Covers

iCOVER BBQ Grill Cover - 60 inch Heavy Duty Barbeque Gas Grill Cover 600D Canvas Waterproof No Fading Smoker Covers

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Made from tear-resistant 600D oxford polyester fabric, this grill cover also comes along with a PVC coating. Therefore, this grill protector offers strong protection against both water and bad weather conditions. Moreover, by repelling sunlight and harmful UV-rays, this cover provides ultimate protection to your gears. With the help of concealed mesh air-vent, this upholstery maintains a proper airflow.

So, this outdoor cooking tool also can keep the grill dry to protect it from getting moist and damaged. Furthermore, this 60-inch fabric is ideal for keeping cooking stations, grills, and smokers free of moisture and corrosion. The adjustable Velcro straps make the fitting customizable for different kitchen appliances. This cover includes a hanging or storing handle.


  • It comes with a concealed air vent design.
  • Includes 60 days money-back guarantee.
  • Fabric is highly industrial and tough.

1-NEXCOVER Heavy Duty Gas Grill Covers

NEXCOVER Grill Cover, Waterproof BBQ Cover, 600D Heavy Duty Gas Grill Cover

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Derived from high-quality 600D polyester-blended canvas fabric, this grill cover easily repels water and moisture. You can also simply use this cover for protecting your Brin and charcoal broil. Moreover, this upholstery provides protection against rain, cold cracking, and water and UV rays. Even the outdoor cooking tool keeps your kitchen appliance safe from sand storms and bad weather conditions.

The high-density material construction also makes this cover durable and thick. Furthermore, this upholstery comes along with Velcro straps to provide secure fitting. The padded handles help you to move the grill with no difficulty. This cover includes side straps to keep the grill and cover secured even in heavy-wind condition.


  • Protects from all weather conditions.
  • Fits securely and has adaptable straps.
  • Very lasting and wide compatibility.


While buying a grill cover, make sure that the cover is compatible with the grill model you possess. The correct size is going to be perfect, and you will get the maximum benefit from that. There will be no loose ends and hence, no exposure to rain, wind, and dirt. Apart from that, the material construction and durability are primary parameters to check if you grill outdoors. Considering all the different requirements of the buyers, we have enlisted different types of grill covers for you.

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