Top 10 Best Adjustable Height Increasing Insoles Reviews In 2022

Wearing high heels all day long can be difficult and dangerous. The best alternative will be to use height increasing insoles. It comes in a highly functional design and offers you better comfort. Height increasing insoles offer discrete wearing and can be suitable for different types of shoes. It is in many designs and lets you have a perfect fit.

It can be perfect for boosting your confidence by increasing your overall height, and it is suitable for everyday use. Check out the following list of the top 10 best height increasing insoles that our team has handpicked for you.


Top 10 Best Height Increasing Insoles Reviews

10-Ailaka Height Increasing Sports Shoe Insoles

Ailaka Elastic Shock Absorbing Height Increasing Sports Shoe Insoles

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The height increasing insoles come with the construction of durable and flexible elastic rubber. Therefore, these heel cushions also help you to raise your height by 2.5cm. Moreover, the rubber shoe soles are soft, hard yet flexible. Therefore, the shoe lifts effectively absorb shock to keep your feet fatigue-free. The mesh upper surface keeps your feet dry by wicking away moisture.

The U-shaped heel cups also help you to make balance properly while walking, running, or standing. Furthermore, the ergonomic honeycomb design keeps your feet free of fatigue. The perfect cushioning effectively reduces impacts on your muscles and joints. The soles are the combination of softness and firmness to support your heels and ankles while walking.


  • Multi-size construction for consumer comfort.
  • Hypo-allergenic material for enhanced safety.
  • Multi-purpose design for added satisfaction.

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9-Mendez Premium Height Increase Insole

Mendez™ Premium Height Increase Insole

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The dual-density foam construction makes these height-increasing insoles exceptionally soft and bouncy. These shoe lifts also feel light in weight and easily conceal inside the shoes. Moreover, the contoured design of these inserts matches the natural curve of your ankles. Therefore, you can walk comfortably while inserting these insoles into your footwear.

You can also use this pair of insoles to raise your height by 1.5-inch. Furthermore, the set includes two 1-inch bases and a pair of 0.5-inch stackers. The orthotics foot-beds give your feet the desired support and comfort. The ¾-inch length design of the shoe lifts works with most of the shoe styles. These insoles have a micro-felt upper layer to keep your feet sweat and odor-free.


  • Easy weight design for enhanced maneuverability.
  • Premium class material for a long-lasting experience.
  • Ergonomic design for enhanced versatility.

8-Rise Insoles Height Increase Insoles 4-Layer Orthotic Heel Shoe Lift kit 

4-Layer Orthotic Heel Shoe Lift kit

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The orthotics height-increasing insoles are the safest way to raise your height instantly. Unlike high-heel shoes, these inserts will never leave your feet achy. Moreover, the inserts are perfect for 4.5 to 9 US shoe sizes. These cushions come in four different pieces. You can assemble them one by one to get your desired height. This set increases your height from 1.2, 2, 2.75 to 3.54-inch.

The shoe soles also make the perfect match for loose-fitting shoes. Furthermore, the shock-absorbing properties do not make your feet feel paining. The breathable texture lets air circulate throughout the shoes. Therefore, you can stay odor and sweat-free while wearing your shoes.


  • Highly adaptable design for user comfort.
  • Highly resistant construction for a long-lasting experience.
  • Easy weight and flexible design for a comfortable experience.

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7-SubClap Invisible Height Increase Insole

Invisible Height Increase Insole

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The height-increasing insoles work just like a wearable shoe lift. These insoles also simply hide under your socks. Moreover, the insoles can make you 1.4-inch extra tall. The design fits the feet of most men and women. You can simply keep these shoe lifts clean by washing them using your hands. These insoles are the perfect combination of hard, soft, and flexible.

The insoles also alleviate the pain of plantar fasciitis, heels, shin splints, and Sever’s disease. Furthermore, you can use these inserts for your boots, high-sleeve, sports, casual and formal shoes. The insoles have the construction of soft silicone gel. Therefore, these functional heel-elevating cushions keep your feet breathable and sweat-free.


  • Removable design and highly maintainable.
  • Multi-functional design enhanced satisfaction.
  • Highly compatible design for added comfort.

6-SOL3 Adjustable Men’s Premium Height Increase Insole Shoe Lift Inserts

SOL3 - Men's Premium Height Increase Insole Shoe Lift Inserts

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These height-increasing insoles are compatible with most men’s shoes and sneakers. By using these shoe lifts, you can also elevate your height up to 2.36-inch. Moreover, the heel cushions do not show easily after sliding them into your shoes. The see-through pressurized airbags give you the best-in-class comfort for fatigue-free walking and pain-free standing.

The hidden shoe lifts also allow you to slide them into your shoes and simply remove them. Furthermore, the shock-absorbing, flexible PU cushions absorb shock to keep you free of pain. The shoe lifts make you tall by 1 to 2.36-inch. The 3-level tier system offers a comfortable fit for the desired elevation.


  • Advanced dynamic design for superior performance.
  • Modifiable design for enhanced satisfaction.
  • Soft skin-friendly design for additional comfort.
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5-6FT CLUB Height Increase Insole 3 Layers Adjustable Elevation

6FT CLUB Height Increase Insole 3 Layers Adjustable Elevation

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This trimming design of the height-increasing insoles lets you customize the size according to your shoe size. The shoe lifts also come with the construction of polyurethane synthetic material. Moreover, the heel cushions have a triple-layer slide-lock design. Therefore, these inserts help you to increase or decrease your height accordingly. These shoe lifts are suitable for US men’s shoes from 7.5 to 11.

The insoles also allow you to raise your height from 1.35, 1.85 to 2.35-inch. Furthermore, the smart design of these heel cushions comes with arch support and a removable air bubble structure. These insoles are suitable for only high-ankle support shoes. The skid-resistant treading helps you to walk confidently in your shoes.


  • Slip-resistant design for user comfort.
  • Temperature-friendly design for a comfortable experience.
  • Advanced quality material for enhanced durability.

4-Kalevel Unisex Height Increase Insoles 11cm 4.4 Inches

Kalevel Unisex Height Increase Insoles 11cm 4.4 Inches

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The smart, ergonomic design of these height-increasing insoles fits a wide variety of men’s and women’s shoes. The set also includes several pieces of height-elevating cushions. Altogether, this set can raise your height by 4.4-inch. Moreover, the inbuilt shock-absorbing function offers additional support to your feet. Therefore, you can stand or walk fatigue-freely while using these cushions.

The slip-resistant design of these insoles also helps you to walk steadily on different shoes. Furthermore, the functional design of these shoe lifts lets air circulate through your shoes. Therefore, you can keep both your feet and shoes dry and odor-free. You can increase or decreases the thickness of these insoles to get your desired height.


  • Highly universal configuration for enhanced comfort.
  • High-performance material for user satiation.
  • Moisture lock technology for the hygienic experience.

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3-Dr. Foot Heel Cushion Inserts Height Increase Insoles

Dr. Foot's Height Increase Insoles

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These height-increasing insoles have half feet design. Therefore, these inserts also simply hide inside your footwear. Moreover, these pads can raise your height from 0.6, 1 to 1.4-inch. These heel cushions are perfect for work, canvas, athletic shoes, and boots. The special honeycomb design absorbs shocks to keep your feet free of pressure and pain.

The top surface of these heel-elevating pads also has a mesh, a sweat-absorbing fabric layer. Therefore, you can keep your feet free of sweat and doors. Furthermore, the medical-grade gel and PU cushioning deliver the ultimate comfort while standing on these insoles for hours. The skid-resistant top layer lets you walk with confidence while wearing your footwear.

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  • Easily detachable design for enhanced maintenance.
  • Dynamic grip design for slip-proof experience.
  • Enhanced versatile design for a comfortable experience.

2-Sky Risers Increased Height Shoe Inserts for Men & Women

Increased Height Shoe Inserts for Men & Women

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The silicone material has a higher shock-absorbing ability to keep your feet free of fatigue. The silicone gel also feels soft and breathable to your skin. Therefore, these height increase insoles perfectly raise your height by supporting your feet. Moreover, the flexible design of these heel elevators simply works with different men’s and women’s shoes.

You can also use these insoles for dress, athletic and casual footwear. Furthermore, the set includes four pieces of silicone gel pads. Therefore, you can use these pads to raise your height from ¼ to 2-inch. These heel cushion pads are easy to slide in and take out. You can run off the dirt by placing these inserts under running water.


  • Easy weight and maintainable design for longevity.
  • Finest grade material for improved satisfaction.
  • User-friendly design for added comfort.

1-FOOTINSOLE 1-Inch Height Increase Shoe Insoles

1-Inch Height Increase Shoe Insoles

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The premium-quality, breathable material construction makes these height-increasing insoles comfortable for men. The size of these soles perfectly matches the men’s shoe sizes from US 7 to 11. Moreover, shock-absorbing insoles do not deform even after years of use. The inserts effectively and instantly raise your height by 1-inch. The mesh fabric liner keeps your feet dry, sweat, and odor-free.

The thoughtfully designed insoles also come with proper thickness. Therefore, these shoe inserts do not over tighten your shoes. Furthermore, these elevator heels stay completely hidden inside the footwear. Therefore, you can use these inserts for sports shoes, formal shoes, and different types of footwear. You can simply clean and dry these insoles.


  • Superior quality material for strength and durability.
  • Adaptable design for enhanced satisfaction.
  • Skin-friendly design for a comfortable experience.


We have seen how functional height-increasing insoles can be. But you need to make sure that you have made the right purchase. Whether it is the insole adaptability or the shoe size, you need to consider many things. Look at the number of layers as well as the material quality. You need to go for the one that is in a multi-functional design. It has to be suitable for all types of shoes and must offer exceptional comfort.

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