Best Wooden Jewelry Boxes for Necklaces & Bracelets Reviews In 2021

Jewellery is one of the most loved items for any woman. No matter what you do or how you live, without the good collection of beautiful pieces of jewellery, your life feels incomplete. What is more important is how one keeps their collection of jewellery. You need it to understand, no matter how expensive or cheap your jewellery is, as long as it is not safe, it has no value. And jewellery boxes are the safest way to keep everything under check. They allow locking and nothing can go missing if handled properly.

After careful studying, each of the jewellery organizers serves the purpose of keeping the jewellery safe always. It is very important to know the features and design well so we have also provided a detailed description of each.


Top 10 Best Wooden Jewelry Boxes Reviews

10. Glenor Co 28 Jewelry Box Buckle Snap & Magnet Closure, Large Mirror

Glenor Co 28 Jewelry Box Buckle Snap & Magnet Closure, Large Mirror

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A leather jewellery box has immense utilities for a woman or girl who loves to look beautiful. Without proper storing, your jewellery may sustain damage. Buying a good quality jewellery box like this can really help you with such issues.

Having 28 different compartments of different sizes, you can organise all your jewellery and keep them safe always. Also, the overall design of the box is quite fantastic for easy and comfortable using. The snap and magnet mechanism along with an elegant buckle always assures secure storing of the gorgeous jewels.

Owing to the snap and magnet design, you can open the box with the least efforts and challenges.

Key features:

  • Outside of the box of premium quality of PU leather.
  • The very compact design has two 2 trays for better organizing of the items.
  • Elegant and soft velvet inner keeps the jewellery in the right condition.

9. Glenor Co Extra Large Jewelry Box

Glenor Co Extra Large Jewelry Box

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This classic jewellery box also comes with some brilliant features and a very friendly design. With as many as 42 pockets, there are specific spaces of various shapes and sizes to keep the jewellery. Also, the very elegant and impressive design makes it a beautiful choice that you can showcase on any tabletop or dresser.

The attractive metal buckles give it a touch of elegance that you and everyone will love to have. Also, as it uses a magnetic snap closure mechanism, using it on a daily basis is never an issue. It is very easy to open but equally safe when you are keeping jewellery inside.

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Key features:

  • Stitching details over the PU leather smooth exterior looks extremely amazing.
  • Has a lift-out tray for more convenience of keeping everyday items.
  • The inside of the lid has a large mirror which you can easily use.

8. KLOUD City Two-Layer Lint Jewelry Box

KLOUD City Two-Layer Lint Jewelry Box

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One of the fanciest boxes that you can buy for your personal use, this one looks good. The outstanding craftsmanship is seriously a visual treat that you can keep anywhere. In addition to that, the entire box has a construction of the finest quality and premium materials for a more elegant look and feel.

The soft lint covering on the surface is something you cannot ignore even if you wish to. From cases to display your rings to spaces for keeping ear studs, this box has it all that a woman needs in a specific box for jewellery.

Key features:

  • High-quality long storage slots for keeping chains in the right manner.
  • The safety lock design assures dependability even when you are travelling with this jewellery box.
  • Two layers of jewellery boxes storage section with a removable design for better managing and handling of small jewellery.

7. Agole Jewellery Boxes

Agole Jewellery Boxes

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An ergonomic box that you can carry anywhere and everywhere, this cabinet for jewellery is astounding in looks and feel. The large capacity yet small and compact shape of the box are the primary factors why people like this so much. It can store almost all kinds of jewellery ranging from rinks to chains in an organized fashion.

Although spacious, the compact size is small enough for easy carrying to various places. When kept on the dresser or table, the box does not eat up much space in any way.

Key features:

  • Comes with a unique plate for keeping as many as 10 earrings.
  • The cover has high-quality and environment-friendly faux leather.
  • The jewellery that you keep inside comes with soft velvet lining. As a result, scratching and marring hassle is well taken care of.

6. Kendal Huge Jewelry Boxes Leather

Kendal Huge Jewelry Boxes Leather

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A large jewellery box that you can keep at your home for the best organizing of all the small jewellery in one place. It measures big, thus assuring ease of usage even in places with a space crunch. The large and extraordinary jewellery box mirror of glass makes sure that you always have a clear idea about how you are looking.

With a top removable section, keeping those regular and everyday accessories will never look like an issue. Moreover, the 2 compartments on the top lid reward the users with some extra benefit of easy organizing.

Key features:

  • Innovative 3 suede lining ring slots help you in the safe-keeping of your favourite rings.
  • You can store a huge amount of jewellery on the 5 removable drawers of the box.
  • Extra benefits of storage from a couple of swing-out cabinets.
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5. Homde Necklace Ring Storage Jewelry Boxes

Homde Necklace Ring Storage Jewelry Boxes

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Keeping the beauty and shine alive of your gorgeous jewellery is going to be a challenging affair if you are not opting for the right arrangement. The Homde jewellery cabinet is designed to help you with that purpose and safe-keep all your jewellery in one place. No more unwanted scratches or damages to the most loved items of your life.

As it is designed with numerous storing options like a 4 level tray with 3 pull out drawers, you can keep jewellery. There are a couple of side doors and as many as 8 hooks for keeping necklace.

Key features:

  • Has a lock and key mechanism so that you can store the valuables safe and securely.
  • Comes with a carrying handle which is strong enough to be lifted and carried.
  • Has an added benefit of a mirror which you can use during dressing yourself with the jewellery.

4. Vlando Wooden Jewelry Box

Vlando Wooden Jewelry Box

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An excellent and one of the most premium options of wooden jewellery boxes, this has an impressive design and equally brilliant looks to it. The medium-sized box is large enough to accommodate a number of items and roomy enough for different sizes of jewellery. Designed with a large mirror on the lid, you will face no struggle while you are getting ready for that outing.

Furthermore, the well-designed interior features 4 ring holders, one large compartment, and 4 small compartments for keeping everything.

Key features:

  • Durable synthetic leather upper is long-lasting, looks chic, and feels premium.
  • Has a secret space for keeping the mist valuable items safely.
  • Velvet lining on the inside keeps all your jewellery shiny and beautiful.

3. Qbeel Jewelry Box for Women With Lock Jewelry Holder

Qbeel Jewelry Box for Women With Lock Jewelry Holder

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A box that you can carry wherever you go, from the house of Qbeel this is an impressive option to consider. The excellent built quality of the box makes it an appealing choice for all women and girls who love their pieces of jewellery. Constructed using environment-friendly soft velvet, the material is anti-abrasive in nature and never deforms under pressure.

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For storing the items, you get as many as 36 dedicated compartments, each having their own utility. As the box itself is lightweight, carrying it around is never an issue. Weighing just about 2.5 pounds, the compact size and lightweight box are designed for modern needs.

Key features:

  • Has double layer storage option for better organizing of everything you are keeping.
  • Very elegant exterior ensures that your jewellery box is equally as glamorous as your jewellery.
  • Equipped with a lock system for more security during outings.

2. Vlando Faux Leather Jewellery Boxes for Women

Vlando Faux Leather Jewellery Boxes for Women

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The popular brand Vlando has brought forwarded yet another extraordinary box designed for the modern women. The premium and exquisite looks of the box does great justice to all the gorgeous jewellery you are planning to keep inside. Although a medium-sized box, it is quite spacious.

Besides, it has a number of dedicated hooks and hangars for keeping different kinds of jewellery. The 13 earring hanger, 8 pairs of holders, 3 drawers etc ensures none of your important jewellery is left out for any reasons whatsoever.

Key features:

  • Side flaps of the box have a couple of pouches for keeping of the smallest items safely.
  • Synthetic leather upper is premium and guarantees long years of serviceability guarantee.
  • A built-in mirror so that one can very easily wear all the jewellery without having to get up.

1. Homde Huge Jewellery Boxes Lockable Gift Case

Homde Huge Jewellery Boxes Lockable Gift Case

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This box is certainly the finest of all and has the best features attached to it. The most appealing thing is undoubtedly the highly elegant looks and as soon as you open the box, you will get to see 4 removable pillows. Now, this is a unique addition which rewards you with dedicated space for keeping watches as well.

Talking about the built quality, the faux leather surface combined with velvet lining is plush and premium by all means. Also, it is designed with multiple sizes of compartments and slots for keeping versatile types of jewellery.

Key features:

  • Innovative swing-out cabinets have necklace hooks and ledges that not only keep them safe but keep them away from tangling.
  • Every drawer on the box has a handle for easy opening and closing.
  • The lid is attached with a ribbon to keep it away from falling back.


All your possessions will now remain safe. The display jewellery boxes will keep all your belonging at close proximity and you can always keep jewellery without causing harm.

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