Top 10 Best Compatible Luggage Locks for Travel Reviews In 2021

Travelling requires a lot of luggage and the security of this luggage will certainly give you nightmares.If you do not have proper locks, then there are chances of theft. Plus, the handling at the airport is pretty rough. Therefore, any normal lock can break easily. As a result, you need a more secure option. And nothing is certainly better than a luggage lock.  Having all the advanced qualities to keep your luggage under check, this will ensure extreme security.

Therefore, to make your luggage safe from any adversities, check out the recommended luggage locks. These will improve the level of safety and keep your belongings intact.


Top 10 Best Approved Cable Luggage Locks Reviews

10. Forge TSA Approved Luggage Lock 4 Pack

Forge TSA Approved Luggage Lock 4 Pack

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The company Forge believes in travel with confidence and hence curated most durable luggage locks. Its exclusive alloy lock bodies, developed steel shackles and secured internal mechanisms make them trustworthy among the customers. The lightweight lock body does not impact its strength or efficiency.

Moreover, it will not dent even during the roughest airport handling. The luggage lock indicator which pops up if the luggage if anyone tries to open the bag, notifying the owner that it has been opened. You will have full information that your belongings were scrutinised and can double-check if anything is misplaced or missing.

Key Features:

  • The lock has a hardened steel construction. It resists cutting and bending, ensuring sturdiness and endurance.
  • Shackle does not distort under any circumstances. This lock will stay locked no matter what. The pull weight on the shackle is certainly of a maximum of 100 pounds.
  • You can set your 4-digit combination with absolute ease. Your luggage will always be safe and protected with this product.
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9. Forge TSA Alloy Body for Travel Luggage and Open Alert Indicator

Forge TSA Alloy Body for Travel Luggage and Open Alert Indicator

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Another incredible product by Forge, this lock comes in a pack of two. It incorporates 100% zinc alloy body which is robust enough to withstand even the sternest trips. Forge travel luggage locks make sure your luggage remains safe. It can certainly confront the most unfavourable treatment at the airport. Its durability is unquestionable and the locks offer a lifetime guarantee.

The locks feature a thickened steel shackle that outfits a wide assortment of items like duffle bags, luggage containers, lockers, etc. It is also used in the gym, work or at school.

Key Features:

  • The lock uses 3 digit combinations. No need to worry about losing the tiny lock keys when you use Forge TSA combination locks.
  • These combination locks are excellent and are used in other places as well.
  • With this luggage lock, the TSA agent has to re-lock your suitcase to remove their key after inspection. So no more worry about your suitcase locks being left open.

8. Sure lock TSA Compatible Luggage Locks

Sure lock TSA Compatible Luggage Locks

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SureLock utilises an ultra-tough alloy body that protects your locks from the roughest of baggage handling. The resistant stainless steel internal luggage lock mechanisms do not get rust or freeze up even after years of use. Thus it guarantees longevity. Easy to set up combination, the locking mechanism is safe and keeps your luggage secured.

It also has a pop-up indicator so that you understand when your bag was opened. To change the combination, you have to know the current combination (arrives as 000) and you need to slide the lever to reset to a new number.

Key Features:

  • You will understand if your luggage is examined or not because of the featured pop-up inspection indicator. A button will pop out of the top of the cable lock if the bag was opened by the TSA agent.
  • The lock works with nearly any type of luggage bag. It is a cable lock that can fasten any kind of luggage which is sometimes restricted by shackle locks.
  • It is compact with an ideal length of 4 inches.
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7. Master Lock 4688D Set TSA Accepted Luggage Lock

Master Lock 4688D Set TSA Accepted Luggage Lock

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This product can efficiently withstand the rigours of your travel. The Master Lock 4688D luggage lock cable is lean and flexible. As a result, makes it effortless to slip the tip through luggage lock hoops. Now your full luggage will go through a thorough check and still the lock will remain intact.

Being thin, it is possible to use the product on other kinds of items, such as computer bags, backpacks, small cabinets, briefcases, etc that don’t have luggage lock hoops. Setting the combination is pretty simple as well.

Key Features:

  • This lock permits the security agents to unlock and scrutinize it without damaging it.
  • The travel lock has a metal body for endurance and a vinyl coated cable for resistance.
  • Lightweight and compact luggage lock. The flexible shackle shields the zipper from damage.

6. Master Lock 4689T Keyed Luggage Lock

Master Lock 4689T Keyed Luggage Lock

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This product has a wide metal body to provide durability. The exclusive luggage lock design reduces shackle exposure and shields against bolt cutter attacks. You have to use the key to both lock and unlock. The lock will have a slight click when it fully locks and then you have to turn the key to lock position.

As a matter of fact, the product is a TSA-Accepted lock. Therefore, the screeners can open, inspect and relock the bag without damaging the lock.

Key Features:

  •  It is a small lock which is used in backpacks, bags, briefcases, and luggage. The lock is compact in size and can fit in any bag.
  • Weighs only 3.2 pounds that is indeed pretty light.
  • This lock needs a key to both lock and unlocks the product.

5. Zhovee 4 Dial Digit Luggage Locks

Zhovee 4 Dial Digit Luggage Locks

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This is also a 4 digit combination suitcase lock that is commonly used by many travellers as well. Zhovee has come in 9 lovely colours including black, pink, orange, black and many more so that you can choose based on your preference. Meanwhile, the overall dimension of this lock is 2.6in x 1.18in x 0.51in that is small enough to add more style to your suitcase.

You can trust your baggage with this lock since it has the 3 digit dials that you can set up different code up to 1000. Therefore, it is not an easy task for the thief to successfully open your lock.

Key Features:

  • This traveller luggage lock is TSA accepted, so it is unlocked or relocked by TSA agents without needing to break the lock.
  • The product is used in a wide range of bags. Its usage is not limited to luggage only.

4. TravelMore Travel Combination Luggage Locks

TravelMore Travel Combination Luggage Locks

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If you need numerous locks which need to be a set of TSA-approved combination cable locks, then this product by TravelMore gives you the most bangs for your buck. The locks are waterproof with a combination of heavy-duty steel shackle which locks with flexible cables.

This is a trustworthy option for lots of luggage that offers a lifetime warranty. The product comes in two colours – black and orange. The steel cable facilitates easy threading through different types of zippers present in luggage.

Key Features:

  • The locks employ weatherproof wire that is used to lock various types of items. It is used for travelling as well as in backpack, gym locker, duffle bag, briefcase, pelican case, etc.
  • It has a flexible, ultra-strong steel cable along with a 3 dial combination to unlock the lock.
  • The lock permits you to set your combination. The 3 digit combination is easy to remember and keeps your luggage secured.

3. Forge TSA Approved Cable Luggage Locks

Forge TSA Approved Cable Luggage Locks

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This lock has the customary TSA approval to pass through the inspection of the airport without any damage. The lock also has the unique alloy lock body and tightly braided, covered steel cables for endurance and stability. Moreover, it has the easy to set 3-digit combination key on the lock. The resistant steel shackles and patented internal mechanism make this lock unbreakable and anti-theft.

Furthermore, the lock incorporates a thin cable, which easily goes through mostly all standard-sized zipper holes.

Key Features:

  • The luggage lock can also resist all the abuses during the airport harsh luggage administration.
  • This product is perfect to lock your gym locker, gun case, hard case, suitcase or your luggage bags. In short, it is one of the best TSA-approved luggage locks available in the market.
  • The lock ensures the safety of your luggage bag. It protects it from rough baggage handling at the airport.

2. Fosmon Cable Luggage Locks

Fosmon Cable Luggage Locks

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The material used in this product is very long-lasting, thanks to the zinc alloy used and can take a though beating without cracking. The diameter around the stem on the lock is around 1/2 inch. This makes sure it can easily go through the zipper loops. The size is not too big and not too small either and has a good weight to it but it just means its firm.

Many colours are available which make it easy to separate the bags from your family and easy to spot. The body has a zinc alloy construction to give it the required sturdiness and persistence.

Key Features:

  • The product has high-quality material construction.
  • It comes in different bright colours. This enables the user to spot their bag easily because of the usage of bright colours.
  • The steel cable in the lock can sustain rough handling. It is thin enough to slip through any zippers.

1.Forge TSA Approved Luggage Locks Dimple Key

Forge TSA Approved Luggage Locks Dimple Key

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This is a key system which is favoured by some that might easily misremember the number combination. If you purchase two-pack then one key will unlock both locks. The lock will always be re-locked since this has a hallmark that the TSA agent has to re-lock to get their key out.

So you never have to bother that they leave it unlocked. You always have a backup key that operates for both locks. Now you can keep calm if you lose one.

Key Features:

  • With the 100% zinc alloy body, you can be assured that it is very sturdy to survive many trips.
  • The product uses a key instead of number combination.
  • Having a hardened steel shackle, one cannot cut it so easily.


Travelling nationally or internationally? The secured luggage locks will not only keep your belongings safe but also give you a clear indication about the safety.

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