Top 10 Best Commercial Electric Meat Grinders for Home Reviews In 2021

People who are passionate about food know the importance of the right equipment at their arsenal. When it comes to meat, it is very important you have the right tools for cutting and chopping of the meat parts. If you are not willing to do all the manual labour, you can always resort to using meat grinders for the purpose. A meat grinder helps to effortlessly grind even the hard-to-grind meat.

Unsure about the right meat grinders that can meet your needs? Well, do not worry as we have found out the 10 best meat grinders. Check them out and find the right product you need.


Top 10 Best Professional Electric Meat Grinders Reviews

10. Kitchener Meat Grinders Stainless Steel Cutting Blade

Kitchener Meat Grinders Stainless Steel Cutting Blade

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A machine which specifically ensures that you have fewer troubles while dealing with food and meat. A good quality heavy-duty meat grinder must have the best materials in its construction. Plus, it must have a great design to it as well. So, for your culinary needs, you can always depend on this grinder when you need to have the meat the way you will like it. The three-speed technology offers you the flexibility of choosing between grinding, stuffing, and even reverse power. On the inside, there is a powerful motor of 2/3 horsepower on it.

Also, it is a 500W motor for unrestricted performance guarantee during crushing of the meat. The metal gears that this machine use is all of the highest quality. Plus, the motor itself is maintenance-free and has air-cooling for better performance. Along with that, it has many other amazing features that one would love to have.

Key features:

  • Comes with a large pan so that you can put in more meat through the head.
  • The impressive grinding rate of 330 pounds in an hour’s time.
  • Operate smooth and quiet so that you never have to worry about noise.
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9. Sunmile Electric SM-G31 Meat Grinders

Sunmile Electric SM-G31 Meat Grinders

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Powerful in all scenarios, this electric meat grinder is perfect for small restaurants or if you have a meat processing unit to handle. Having a 250W motor, the machine operates fluently always and rewards you with a peak power of 800W whenever necessary. Now you can grind more meat in less time and with least efforts.

The rate of grinding on this grinder is a good 150 pounds per hour, ensuring you always have the meat ready for cooking. In addition to that, it has excellent construction so that users always appreciate the performance. The copper wires on the inside are quite reliable for a smooth working. Even the motor is durable and stable enough to run for a long time. Also, the blades that it uses for grinding is dishwasher safe assuring more hassle-free user experience.

Key features:

  • Screw-type locking knob helps you clean, assemble, and disassemble effortlessly.
  • Three innovative blades for grinding in coarse, medium, and fine mode.
  • Very easy to operate and use on/off switch is there on the body of the grinder.

8. SuperHandy Heavy-Duty Commercial Kitchen Meat Grinder

SuperHandy Heavy-Duty Commercial Kitchen Meat Grinder

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Going by the name of the brand you can understand that this is one of those grinders that are compact and easy to use as well. Coming from the brand Superhandy, it has all the latest features and design. As it uses SUS304 stainless steel metal gears, you will have a better performance for a longer time. Also, the same technology helps in retaining the qualities and saves it from damage due to rusting and corrosion.

As a matter of fact, this stainless steel meat grinders work on electricity. Thus, in order to make sure it doesn’t sustain any internal damage, it comes with a circuit breaker. The motor packs a good 550W of power and has 3/4 horsepower for fast and better grinding results. Moreover, the same motor is maintenance-free and has air-cooling to save it from getting overheated.

Key features:

  • The commendable grinding rate of 720pounds an hour assures more amount of grinds in the least amount of time.
  • Comes along with 4 stuffing tubes to work with different shapes and sizes of meat.
  • It has a nifty and removable tray for safe-keeping of accessories.
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7. Aaobosi Electric Meat Grinder 1200w

Aaobosi Electric Meat Grinder 1200w

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From meat to sausage and even Kubbe, this is a grinder that has more capabilities than the regular grinders in the market. On the inside, you will get 3 blades of different thickness that provides you with the kind of grind you want. What more? You can use this same machine for preparing soup, baby food, and casseroles as well. As the meat is ground in 3-step spiral extrusion, the flavour is always locked on to the meat.

Equipped on the machine is a dual safety switch to guarantee a safe operation always. During the process of grinding, the grinder will not topple or wobble because of trapezoidal design coupled with a reinforced chassis.

Key features:

  • High power performance guaranteed by the powerful 1200W meat grinder motor.
  • Uses pure copper for the motor and has a flat and convenient assembly for faster grinding.
  • The safety circuit breaker is built into the motor to prevent damage due to current surge.

6. STX Turboforce Platinum Series Meat Grinder The STX Turboforce Classic 

STX Turboforce Platinum Series Meat Grinder The STX Turboforce Classic 

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If you have meat grinding needs at your home or workplace and willing to make the most of it, you need this excellent grinder. Powered by a motor that can reach a peak power of 1200 Watts, the machine is well capable of grinding large amounts of meat. It breaks down the meat completely at a rate of 320 pounds to 360 pounds per hour.

The cutting blades used are made of 304 stainless steel which is not only food safe but also has great quality assurance. On the top, you will get a convenient 12-inches of grinding head made using food grade polished aluminium.

Key features:

  • Uses smart Advanced Variable Intake technology for dealing with larger pieces of meat.
  • From the brand’s end, you will get a 3-year warranty against the parts and machine.
  • Has the added benefits of 3 speeds with a choice of high, low, and reverse.
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5. Kitchener Elite Meat Grinder

Kitchener Elite Meat Grinder

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One of the most well-designed grinders in the market, from the house of Kitchener, the Elite edition is a super fine product. It uses a steel gear-driven mechanism for better overall performances always. Also, the powerful 550W of the motor is completely maintenance-free and is air-cooled as well.

No matter how long you are using it, the machine will run smoothly and produce the least noise. Furthermore, the huge grinding capacity is one of the major plus points. It can grind 720 pounds of meat in one hour’s time. For more safety, Kitchener has designed the grinder with a waterproof switch.

Key features:

  • Combination of the large-sized pan and enlarged throat takes in more meat and even bigger size of meats.
  • The meat grinder blades are of food-grade 304 stainless steel and are safe against rusting damage.
  • Comes along with the useful accessories like a meat stomper, stuffing plates, cutting knife and stuffing tubes.

4. STX Turboforce II Platinum Meat Grinder

STX Turboforce II Platinum Meat Grinder

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A powerful grinder for your personal and professional needs, you can always rely on the outstanding performance of this grinder. The motor used in the grinder has an extraordinary peak power of 2000 Watts. Combined with it is the 3-speed benefit that can run the blades in high, low, and reverse power.

Owing to the smart circuit breaker on the inside, the grinder’s long service life is assured in all scenarios. The most innovative feature of this grinder is the hands-free control on it. If you plug the grinder into the provided foot pedal, you can control the working without your hands.

Key features:

  • Uses a quad air cooling system, a patented technology that improves the overall life of the machine.
  • Extra benefits of stuffing tubes and Kubbe attachment for enhanced workability out of the same machine.
  • Assembly of 3 stainless blades and 5 grinding plates delivers a power-packed performance.

3. Sunmile SM-G50 ETL Meat Grinder

Sunmile SM-G50 ETL Meat Grinder

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Grind and use more meat every single time you are thinking of making some tasty meat preparations. With the help of this grinder from Sunmile, you will be able to grind up to 200 pounds of meat in an hour. The 350W rated motor has a peak power capacity of 1000W which is more than enough for good meat grinding.

Polished cast aluminium has been used for the grinder head that has a dimension of 12-inches to handle more requirements with ease. As the entire grinder and parts are ETL certified and comes with a food-grade promise, this is safe to be used anywhere.

Key features:

  • Advanced cutting blades and plates that can be washed directly in the dishwasher.
  • Equipped with a physical key switch for on/off/reverse running.
  • Have 3 different plates for coarse, fine, and medium grinding.

2. Altra 2000W Electric Meat Grinder

Altra 2000W Electric Meat Grinder

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Altra has designed and manufactured this grinder with the latest technology, quality craftsmanship, and safer workability. Certified by ETL against safety, you can use the grinder without any restrictions or risks on a daily basis. Food grade materials have been used on each part that touches your meat. In terms of the overall construction, it is seriously outstanding. The three-layer of reinforced stainless steel coupled with thickening aluminium alloy makes it very strong and sturdy.

Also, there is high-end ABS material on the body that makes it even more dependable. No risks of corrosion or rusting will ever make it problematic for you. The three-way on/off/reverse switch lets you take full utility in an easier manner.

Key features:

  • It has a storage box built into the grinder for safe-keeping of accessories.
  • 350W of the motor can reward you with a huge peak power of 200W when needed.
  • Innovative spiral circles on the spiral rod grind the meat but do not destroy the fibre or flavour.

1. Safstar Electric Meat Grinders 1300W Professional Commercial Home Food

Safstar Electric Meat Grinders 1300W Professional Commercial Home Food

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This is certainly one of the finest and very best options. Both the housing and blades are made using food-grade stainless steel so that you never compromise the safety for quality. Also, the motor is quite advanced for a more durable and safe grinding always. The grinder is also designed with three different cutting accessories so that you can grind meat in medium, coarse, and fine manner. Furthermore, the impressive 1300W of peak power assures a performance that is only there on high-quality products.

Key features:

  • The compact design looks enticing.
  • Comes along with multiple usable accessories like a meat pusher, cutting plates, kubbe attachment, and even a sausage maker.
  • Capable of pounding 3 to 4 pounds in just a minute.

Get the finest grinds for your sausages or patty, the commercial meat grinders also work fine for regular purpose. Obtain the perfect consistency and taste.

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