Best Outdoor Indoor Electric Mosquito Killers | Mosquito Traps In 2021

There is nothing more annoying and scarier than the mosquito bites. The list of diseases that mosquito bite causes are never-ending. Hence, it is most important that you take proper precautions. Whether you are trying to have a good night’s sleep or enjoying a gathering at your house, you need to keep yourself safe from mosquito bites. That is one of the prime reasons why you need to opt for mosquito killers machine.

These machines make sure that you always remain safe. They use special technology and features to kill mosquitoes. Thus, they help you to have quality time without any worry. And now you can choose one for yourself from this list.


Top 10 Best Electric Mosquito Killers & Zappers Machines

10. DOUHE Mosquito Killers Intelligent Control Fruit Fly Trap

DOUHE Mosquito Killer Intelligent Control Fruit Fly Trap

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Chemical insect traps or repellents aren’t just harmful to mosquitoes, but affects you and your family as well. It has brilliant light control and sensors. Instead of manual control, you can switch to auto. This feature allows the mosquito killer to sense dark environments and turn on the inbuilt LED lights or detect bright environments to switch them off. So, you don’t have to do anything. The trap will create optimum situations to attract as many mosquitoes as possible and give you a peaceful night of sleep.

The trap isn’t just effective for mosquitoes though; it can also trap and get rid of moths, fruit flies and more. You don’t have to worry about a fresh batch of fruits or any other food to be infested by these insects as soon as they are on the table. The trap also has a universal USB interface which allows you to charge it from a regular charger, power bank, laptop, and many other devices.

Key features:

  • The mosquito killer machine with UV lights has a high RPM fan. It certainly sucks in the insects as soon as they come within close range.
  • Even though it is a mechanical trap, it creates little to no noise.
  • It comes with a complementary set of 5 sticky glue boards to prevent insects from escaping back into the room.
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9. RockBirds Mosquito Killers Lamp and Bee Zapper

RockBirds Mosquito Killer Lamp and Bee Zapper

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While other manufacturers offer you a product with high power and bulky size, RockBirds makes an appeal to you for getting rid of insects with less energy and less use of the real estate. It is small and light enough to be used anywhere, not just your home. It creates a protective dome of 20 square meters that keeps bugs inside the trap even while you are camping in the outdoors.

Unlike other products, it doesn’t create a lot of noise either, just 40 decibels that stay out of disturbing your sleep and focuses more on the insects

Key features:

  • The simple plug and use design keep it user-friendly.
  • The mosquito killer lamp features dual modes for smooth operation.
  • Has a plastic shell of 0.3-inch gaps to allow in insects, but jot your fingers.

8. ASPECTEK Upgraded Bug Zap Mosquito Killer

ASPECTEK Upgraded Bug Zap Mosquito Killer

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If you have occasional pest invasion in your house with beetles, moths, flies and the omnipresent mosquitoes, then this insect killer is the perfect device for you. It has two cylindrical bulbs that emit UV light and are highly attractive to most pests. The high voltage electronic grid then zaps out these insects as soon as they come within close reach. But don’t worry about your pets getting hurt due to this device.

It has a protective grid layer that prevents you, your pets or anyone from coming in direct contact with the device. At the bottom, you also get a tray that is detachable and collects all the dead insects. After you have had a great night without any mosquito bites or marks to bother you, you can simply bring out the tray, dispose the dead insects and set it back in

Key features:

  • For hanging it from high places you also get a wire chain.
  • The hassle-free mosquito killer machine installation lets you use it at any part of your home.
  • The electronic grid has 2800 volts running through itself for effectively killing most insects.

7. Flowtron FC-8800 Fly Control Device

Flowtron FC-8800 Fly Control Device

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Flowtron has created a very powerful mosquito killer that is used for domestic as well as commercial use. Don’t be fooled by its size since it can cover a massive 1200 square feet of indoor space despite its small form factor.

It has metal rings that are strong enough to bear the weight of this device. As a result, allows you to keep it on the floor or hang it both vertically and horizontally. In fact, it has a collection tray where the mosquitoes or flies will fall.

Key features:

  • A large protective cage structure prevents your fingers from direct contact with the electric grid.
  • The commercial mosquito killer machine has UV attractants for best results only.
  • It uses 120 watts of power and can also be used in barns, garbage bins and more.

6. LiBa 2 Zapper Mosquito Killer indoor

LiBa 2 Zapper Mosquito Killer indoor

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The UV light emitted by this zapper has a wavelength of 365 nm. Scientific research shows that insects are highly attracted to the light of this wavelength. The zapper uses this concept and attracts the insects towards the light and the electric grid surrounding it. So as soon as there is contact the insects get killed on the spot.

It will fall into the removable plastic tray at the bottom for a mess-free cleaning and disposal. All you have to do is just sit back and relax or do whatever you want without being bothered by mosquito bites or flies around your food.

Key features:

  • 3 year warranty period allows a worry-free purchase.
  • It comes in a pair of two at the price of one.
  • The electric mosquito killer machine weighs only 9.5 pounds that helps in the process of installation.

5. DynaTrap Insect Trap

DynaTrap Insect Trap

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Fighting mosquitoes and other flying insects is easier with the DynaTrap insect trap. This device works quietly and simple, without the use of any propane or toxic chemicals. Just plug it into any wall outlet and flip the switch. UV light provides a warm attraction to flying insects while the unit also emits carbon dioxide irresistible to insects.

As insects approach they are drawn into the vacuum cage where they dehydrate and die. You won’t even know they work until you see the magnificent results

Key features:

  • The fan is super quiet and there is no zapping to interrupt your sleep.
  • Covers around an acre of the outdoor area.

4. GLOUE Bug Zapper Mosquito Killers

GLOUE Bug Zapper Mosquito Killer

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Mosquito or bug sprays and other forms of chemical insect killers can kill mosquitoes but puts your family at risk too. They contain poisonous chemicals that are harmful to adults but can have serious consequences on children and pets in your home. The foul smell doesn’t make it any better either. This mosquito trap from GLOUE uses none of that and brings you a non-toxic and hassle-free solution that isn’t harmful to anyone but the insects.

It has a strategically made metal grid that covers a lot of area without making the device bulky and has high voltage electricity running through the metal. For luring in mosquitoes and other annoying, disease-spreading bugs, it uses UV light. As soon as the insects come in contact with the metal, they are instantly fried and killed on the spot.

Key features:

  • Compact form factor lets you travel with this nifty device.
  • It creates soft light while killing mosquitoes with negligible sound for a pleasant and disturbance-free sleep.
  • It is indeed easily cleaned with a dry brush or tissue after removing the lid.

3. Huntingood Electric Mosquito Killers

Huntingood Electric Mosquito Insect Killer

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Huntingood has created a simple and cylindrical structure that kills annoying bugs and mosquitoes without the use of chemicals. It has a top that emits UV light to lure in insects, only to be sucked in by the powerful fan. As a result, creates a suction force strong enough to prevent the mosquitoes from escaping.

You can just plug it in and relax to keep your home free from insects. It features a full 360-degrees LED trap that works at a wavelength of 390 NM maximum. It is certainly waterproof and will not emit any bad or irritating odor.

Key features:

  • Sticky trap at the bottom doesn’t allow insects to leave or escape.
  • The battery life is pretty impressive when compared to ordinary batteries. It will run for more than 100,000 hours.
  • It can keep an area of 45-square meters free from flies, mosquitoes, and moths.

2. Greatico 2 Zapper Mosquito Trap

Greatico 2 Zapper Mosquito Trap

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Most competitor manufacturers who make mechanical insect killers deliver a product with numerous design flaws that can be unsafe for use and don’t have effective features. This one from Greatico, on the other hand, has been created with all those things in mind.

You get a plastic shell with openings that have a depth of half an inch. As a matter of fact, it doesn’t allow your finger to get through. So, even accidentally you won’t get shocks by coming in contact with the internal metal grid. The plastic shell is also fire resistant and capable enough to keep itself and your family out of harm’s way.

Key features:

  • Insects get drawn to the trap due to its attractive purple light.
  • It is used appropriately for use in homes with pregnant women and children since it is free from chemicals and odors.
  • Cleaning it won’t take much of your time.

1. Livin’ Well Electric Bug Zapper

Livin' Well Electric Bug Zapper

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Most competitor products would offer you a mosquito killer with 2000 or 3000 volts of electricity running through itself for frying out insects. But, this product from Livin’ Well has been manufactured with highly potent 4000 volts of electricity running through itself. No need to deal with mosquitoes or other bugs while watching television or during your sleep. This bug killer will take care of them all so that you can relax and enjoy a better time relaxing with your family.

It has an 18-watt bulb zapper that emits UV light and attracts the insects towards the electric grid made from high quality galvanized steel. It won’t corrode easily and last to deliver excellent performance for a long period of time. This single mosquito killer will create a protection area of around 1500 square feet around itself so that you can enjoy a great time even while outdoors. Sit back and relax on the porch with this thing near you and you don’t have to worry about anything else.

Key features:

  • The 3 ft long power cable gives a sit great range.
  • Has a loop at the top for hanging it via hooks or cords.
  • It has a base that lets you rest it on the ground.


Keep the insects and mosquitoes away for your own good. The mosquito killers machines for home or for professional purposes will trap every insect in the room and will keep you absolutely free of bugs.

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