Top 10 Best Portable Cement Mixers Reviews In 2021

If you are a professional of a construction site or someone who wants to DIY fix their ceilings, then you need to find an alternative way of making the work easier. Mixing concrete with the single use of hand or a tool that needs your efforts isn’t a good idea. Therefore, get portable cement mixers that will take care of all these hassles. It will smoothly mix the concrete and accomplish a major work for you.

As getting the ideal product is necessary, search through the list of products available to buy portable cement mixers online. Know what you can expect from the products and make a settlement for your own good.

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Top 10 Best Portable Cement Mixers Reviews

10. SUNCOO 1/2 HP Electric Cement Mixer

SUNCOO 1/2 HP Electric Cement Mixer

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Suncoo has created a fabulous cement mixer which isn’t just portable but also has a lot of versatile use. You can use it for mixing seeds, mortar, concrete and a lot more. It has high quality and heavy-duty build with a rust-resistant frame of steel.

Due to the steel construction, it can take a lot of loads and won’t be bent or deformed easily. Unlike other cement mixers, it also has a relatively low height which lets you easily pour in cement without the use of ladders.

Key features:

  • It doesn’t create a dead angle and mixes everything smoothly with 360-degree motion.
  • The electric portable cement mixer uses 230 watts of power and mixes all content at 2800 RPM.
  • In total the drum has a volume of 63 liters and can create a wet mixture of 30 liters.

9. YARDMAX YM0115 Concrete Mixer

YARDMAX YM0115 Concrete Mixer

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Yardmax always makes some of the best industrial tools and this one is also one such fine product. With a heavy-duty portable cement mixer frame and industrial-grade steel construction, Yardmax has created a superior mixer that can effortlessly handle over 250 pounds of weight. You also get a volume of 4 cubic feet which is more than enough space you require for good coagulation of different materials.

While using this mixer you will always be protected due to its safety guard which encloses the pinion gear. Moreover, there is no need to assemble the motor drive box since it is already done in the factory.

Key features:

  • Covered by a residential warranty period of 24 months and a commercial warranty period of 3 months.
  • The powerful electric motor can rotate the drum with 0.68 horsepower.
  • Both the motor and gearbox have a rating of IP45, so they have high longevity even under rough outdoor use.
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8. Klutch Portable Electric Cement Mixer

Klutch Portable Electric Cement Mixer

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This cement mixer from Klutch has a wheelbarrow like design which lets you easily maneuver it around your job site without any assistance. You get a superior quality tubular steel frame which has is powder-coated. As a result, obtain protection against elements like dust and water that is abundant around any construction site. The coating won’t chip away or fade easily even after rigorous day to day use.

The drum can also perform brilliantly due to its polypropylene construction. It has several advantages over steel due to its lightweight. Therefore, reduces a significant amount of bulk from the overall structure and doesn’t suffer from corrosion that easily.

Key features:

  • The motor has a speed of over 1700 RPM while the drum can rotate at about 26 RPM.
  • 10 rubber portable cement mixer tires of solid rubber that won’t go flat.
  • Assembly is easy and is done with minimal effort.

7. Generic Portable Cement Mixers Wheel Barrow

Generic Portable Cement Mixers Wheel Barrow

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Generic offers you a product with a really high price to performance ratio that just blows away the rest of the competition. It has a really large drum with an opening that has a diameter of 17.5 inches. This lets you pour in large quantities of materials and prepare quick batches of concrete o seed mix with fewer refills.

The single-phase motor has a solid build quality. In fact, it uses around 0.5 horsepower to churn out an impressive RPM count. You will be able to mixtures quickly with the stable drum rotation speed of 23 RPM

Key features:

  • Has a two-wheeled portable cement mixer design with an extended steel frame. Therefore, lets you safely rest the mixer on the ground.
  • The motor has an enclosed design with easy to operate power switches.
  • For a safe power connection, you also get the 3 pronged plugs which are grounded.

6. Goplus Cement Concrete Mixer Mortar Mixing

Goplus Cement Concrete Mixer Mortar Mixing

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GoPlus has created a cement mixer which is unrivaled in its price segment due to its premium features and top of the line construction. While most brands provide an exposed motor that is always facing not just regular wear and tear but, also the onslaught of various elements, this one is sealed and protected.

Its waterproof cover extends the longevity of the motor and keeps it working in smooth condition, away from spills and dust. You also get a super stable design with its triangular bracket that can tolerate more weight and the three-point contact.

Key features:

  • The ergonomic portable cement mixer’s handle is ribbed for a better grip and contoured to fit your hands perfectly.
  • It is used to mix mortar, fodder, concrete and more for home improvement and farms.
  • The steel drum won’t be deformed even after years of use.
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5. Portable Construction Cement Mixer

Portable Construction Cement Mixer

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With this heavy-duty mixer, you can do multiple tasks and mix various materials, from stucco to concrete and mortar. It has a portable design with two large wheels that absorbs a lot of shocks and can keep the machine in a stable position even when it’s working at the highest speed and at full capacity.

You aren’t just limited to construction work either since this machine can also be used in farms for the mixing of feeds and inoculating seeds. No need to expend manual labor. Instead, you can use that energy for more productivity in another region

Key features:

  • The handle has a molded plastic grip which is easy on your hands instead of hard and cold metal.
  • Everything from the tubular frame to the drum has a thick steel construction.
  • Works with 110 volts and perfect for use in American households, farms and construction sites.

4. Electric Concrete Cement Mixer Barrow Machine

Electric Concrete Cement Mixer Barrow Machine

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Another brilliant product from Suncoo that will exceed all your expectations and won’t leave any room for disappointment. This mixer has a high powered 550-watt motor which can generate around 0.75 horsepower. Due to its high power, the motor also has top of the line rotational speed at 2800 RPM which is more than enough for most small and medium scale work.

No need to worry about its safety or efficiency either since it has certification from both CSA and CE that lets you make a worry-free purchase. You also get two large 9-inch wheels that protect the machine from shocks and can also go over most obstacles.

Key features:

  •  It can hold a mixed wet mixture of 60 liters and dry unmixed materials up to 95 liters.
  • Everything from welds to joint show premium and experienced craftsmanship that is hard to come by at this price point.

3. Kushlan Wheelbarrow Mixer

Kushlan Wheelbarrow Mixer

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Kushlan always creates some of the best industrial products and this wheelbarrow mixer from the brand also boasts the high reliability and functionality that their satisfied customers always expect. Unlike other cement mixers, this one has a drum made from polyethylene material. As a matter of fact, it is super dense yet lighter than steel and thus is easier to move around.

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With an overall height of 43 inches, it has the drum at the perfect position. Now pour in cement without bending over or having to use a ladder.

Key features:

  • Lightweight PE drum is easier to spin for the 0.75 HP motor with less power.
  • Large rubber wheels that match the color of drums and have a distinct look.
  • Triple steel blade configuration enhances the mixing process.

2. Klutch Electric Portable Cement Mixers

Klutch Electric Portable Cement Mixers

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Now your small scale building projects and the job site will be able to benefit from this portable cement mixer from Klutch. The drum is extra large at 4.1 cubic feet which gives you a generous mixing capacity of just under 2 cubic feet. It also has highly durable ring gears of cast iron that can take a lot of abuse and will last you for a really long time.

The cement mixer might be a bit heavy due to its heavy-duty design, but moving it around the job site isn’t going to be a problem. It has 10-inch rubber tires that are solid and aren’t pneumatic in nature. So you don’t run the risk of getting your tires punctured and calling extra help for moving your mixer.

Key features:

  • Draws power via a thick and insulated electric cord, no need for gas-powered noisy motors.
  • It has a large wheel to change the direction and angle of the mixer.

1. Stark Portable Freestanding with wheel Concrete Cement Mixers

Stark Portable Freestanding with wheel Concrete Cement Mixers

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This cement mixer has a super powerful motor that works in perfect harmony with the heavy-duty gearbox for mixing various materials with ease. It has such a high-quality build and advanced engineering. Now, you get a much longer runtime than cheap alternatives that have flooded the market.

The drum has been bolted with thick and rust-resistant screws to the arms and doesn’t wobble or shake too much during high volume mixing. It also gives you easy control due to the safety lock feature. Due to this, you won’t accidentally turn on the motor and can always stay out of harm’s way

Key features:

  • Gravely or cracked roads are easily conquered with the two solid rubber wheels that are puncture-proof.
  • Gearbox doesn’t involve any pulleys or belts that are hard to assemble.
  • With a mixing capacity of 270 pounds, it is great for small scale domestic as well as commercial work.

Experience effortless mixing of concrete in the work sites. For not wasting too much of your energy, go for portable cement mixers for sale.

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