Top 10 Best Wi Fi Smart Thermostats Reviews In 2021

In today’s world, there is always a dramatic change to weather conditions every now and then. That is why most of the people are installing cooler and heater together at home for comfort. However, this cooling and heating amount to a lot in your electricity bill, and there is a great scope for reducing that with smart thermostats. There is no need for heating and cooling all the time when you can detect when to cool or heat your home.

That is what smart thermostats can do as it can understand climate change and gauge the operation needed. You will have greater control over your HVAC system, and therefore, you will see its reflection in the electricity bill. Similarly, you can extend the durability of your HVAC system greatly. Check out the top 10 best smart thermostats to pick from.

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Top 10 Best Smart Thermostats Reviews

10-Emerson Sensi Wi-Fi Smart Thermostats

 Emerson Sensi Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat for Smart Home, DIY, Works With Alexa, Energy Star Certified, ST55

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This smart thermostat reduces the annual electricity bills by 23%. The usage reports offered by this model allow users to monitor programmable temperature status for current and previous days. This equipment also makes installation hassle-free with the help of a common C-wire. Moreover, the thermostat offers better compatibility with voice assistants, like Google Assistant, Alexa, Apple HomeKit, and more.

This device also allows users to operate the settings from your smartphones and other devices. Furthermore, the installation takes only about 30-minutes to install this thermostat. The smart alert lets users know about the current humidity and temperature of your room. This device has several smart features, like geo-fencing, in-app system utility, and 7-day flexible programming.


  • Advanced energy-efficient configuration.
  • Highly versatile design for enhanced comfort.
  • Unique dynamic features and effortlessly installable.

9-Honeywell Wi-Fi Programmable Smart Thermostats

 Honeywell Home Wi-Fi 7-Day Programmable Thermostat (RTH6580WF), Requires C Wire, Works with Alexa

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The common C-wire makes installation and activation of this smart thermostat easier for most of the residential systems. This power-saving model also allows users to schedule the programs for at least 7 days. Moreover, with the help of 4 program periods per day, this device makes scheduling convenient for users. You can even use the provided G-wire jumper cable to make the installation done.

This Wi-Fi-enabled thermostat also makes better compatibility with most of the virtual voice assistants. Furthermore, you can control the temperature settings from both iOS and android-operated systems. You can use your voice to control the temperature settings from IFTTT, Samsung SmartThings, Google Assistant, Alexa, and more.

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  • Unique broader display for accurate screening.
  • Dynamic auto functional design for user comfort.
  •  Enhanced compatibility and economical configuration.

8-Emerson Sensi Touch Wi-Fi Smart Thermostats

 Emerson Sensi Touch Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat with Touchscreen Color Display, Works with Alexa, Energy Star Certified, C-wire Required, ST75

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With a low-profile design, this smart thermostat makes installation trouble-free for users. The power-saving model also smartly senses the humidity and temperature levels of your residence. Moreover, the common C-wire works with most of the heating and cooling system of your home. The Wi-Fi connectivity of this device helps users to adjust the temperature functions from anywhere.

This smart device also works with most of the iOS and android-operated smartphones, tablets, and other devices. Furthermore, you can control your thermostat by using various virtual voice assistants. So, you can use Google Assistant, Alexa, Apple HomeKit, and Samsung SmartThings. With the help of an application, you can see the heating and cooling status of current or previous days.


  • Advanced modifiable features and versatile.
  • Power saving design for superior comfort.
  • Hassle-free installation with improved auto functions.

7-Ecobee3 lite Smart Thermostat

 ecobee3 lite Smart Thermostat, 2nd gen

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By saving 23% of electricity bills annually, this smart thermostat conveniently adjusts the temperature of residence. This smart device also allows users to control the programmable functions from iOS and android-operated devices. Moreover, you can wirelessly operate the programs of your thermostat from smartphones, tablets, and smartwatches. The room sensor of this device entirely controls the temperature of your home.

The installation of this model also takes about 30-minutes. By installing this thermostat with a common C-wire, you can control the temperature functions by voice assistant-enabled devices. Furthermore, by monitoring the temperature and occupancy, the sensors send signals to adjust the room temperature accordingly. You can control the temperature settings by using Alexa, Microsoft Cortana, Google Assistant, IFTTT, and more.


  • Dynamic voice control technology for enhanced comfort.
  • Premium grade material for long-lasting experience.
  • Advanced cost-effective design for user satisfaction.

6-Programmable Wireless Thermostat by Asixx

 WiFi Thermostat, Programmable Wireless Thermostat or Wi-Fi Thermostat, Digital Smart Thermostat Control Motorized Valve, Thermal Valve and Electric Heating

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With the help of smart and strong Wi-Fi connectivity, this smart thermostat makes wireless programming easier for users. This smart device also comes along with an automatic temperature calibration function. So, this device automatically senses and stabilizes room temperature to offer an anti-freeze operation. The smart Wi-Fi remote control lets users adjust your room temperature from anywhere.

The body switches of this sleek device also help you to manually control the functions without any difficulty. Furthermore, the large LCD screen along with backlit display makes controlling hassle-free for all. The memory function automatically retains the last used functions after every power failure. This device comes along with dual temperature display modes for users’ convenience.

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  • Dynamic designed wider screen for precise viewing.
  • Advanced resistive structure for extended life.
  • Superior multitalented features for superb control.

5-FTVOGUE Programmable WiFi Thermostat

 FTVOGUE Programmable WiFi Wireless Heating Home Thermostat Large Digital LCD Screen App Control (110V)

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This smart thermostat comes along with a large digital LCD screen. So, you can also see the temperature regulation without any difficulty. Moreover, the smart memory function retains the last used function after every power failure. The sleek thermostat comes with a flame-resistant material construction to offer safety as well as reliability. This device has a Wi-Fi remote control function to allow users to control the program from anywhere.

The display also offers touch-sensitive control and allows you to control the temperature accordingly. Furthermore, the automatic temperature calibration function monitors and adjusts room temperature accordingly when you are away. The single-chip of this digital thermostat offers anti-freezing temperature controlling.


  • Cost-effective design with an advanced voice control system.
  • Highly adaptable construction for superior comfort.
  • Effortless installable and easy controllable design.

4-Smart Wifi Thermostat by Qiaoxipan

 Smart Wifi Thermostats for Home - Programmable Thermostat that Works with Alexa Google Home IFTTT, Remote Control Digital Temperature Controller

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Equipped with simple remote control, this smart thermostat helps users to adjust the program manually. With a wide compatibility range, this model also works with Tmall Genie, Echo, Alexa, IFTTT, and Google Home. Moreover, the wireless device takes about 30-minutes to install it against walls and other surfaces. A simple remote control lets users adjust the temperature of your room accordingly.

This energy-efficient model also adjusts the temperature both manually and scheduled programming. Furthermore, this 24-volt wireless heat pump makes both heating and cooling systems convenient for all. This model comes with 5+1+1 four cycles. Therefore, you can hassle-freely schedule the program. By using your smartphone, you can wirelessly change the temperature from anywhere.


  • Finest grade material for strength and durability.
  • Dynamic smart features for precise control.
  • Dynamic inexpensive production for enhanced pleasure.

3-Lux Products Wi-Fi Thermostat

 Lux Products GEO-WH Wi-Fi Thermostat, White

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With a simple design, this smart thermostat makes installation lesser hassle-free. By using an additional Alexa device, this equipment also lets users operate functions by using voice commands. Moreover, you can simply operate your thermostat by using Alexa-enabled devices. You just have to install this device with C-wire or USB-enabled options. This model offers both horizontal and vertical mounting systems.

You can also comfortably adjust the programming by using your smartphones and tablets. Furthermore, you can run this thermostat by using a pair of AA lithium batteries. Even, you can use micro-USB connections to make this device work. The geo-fencing option of this device comes with simple away and back settings.

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  • Broad display for easy and comfortable viewing.
  • Advanced resourceful design with easy controls.
  • Enhanced encoding technology for improved comfort.

2-Vine Smart Programmable Wifi Thermostat

 Vine Smart Programmable Wifi Home Thermostat TJ-919,Alexa compatible

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This smart thermostat consumes lesser power to operate the function. The device also comes with flexible programming settings. Therefore, you can simply schedule the heating or cooling systems for a week. Moreover, this model lets you adjust the program up to 8-period settings. This low-profile equipment has an advanced AM upscale process. So, you can see the images with superb clarity.

This thermostat also works with most of the virtual voice assistants, like Alexa, and Google Assistant. Furthermore, the smart supportive application of this device allows users to control the functions from your tablets and smartphones. With the help of included hardware, the thermostat supports hassle-free installation within 20-minutes.


  • Unperturbedly installable design with effortless controls.
  •  Advanced lucrative pattern for consumer satisfaction.
  • Widescreen with improved versatile features.

1-iDevices Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat

 iDevices IDEV0005AND5 Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat, Works with Alexa, White

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This smart thermostat makes programming easily controllable by every user. Compatible with virtual voice assistants, like Alexa, this device also allows everyone to operate it by voice commands. Moreover, this model supports smart home Wi-Fi connectivity. This device works with both heating and cooling systems. You can even use this thermostat with voice assistants, like Siri and Google assistant.

You can also simply control your equipment by using your tablets, smartphones, and other smart devices. Furthermore, this thermostat works with both iOS and android-operated devices. You will need a 24-VAC common C-wire to activate this model. This device is highly energy-efficient and you can simply adjust your room temperature accordingly.


  • Advanced auto transition controls for superior comfort.
  • Unique modifiable design for a comfortable experience.
  • Dynamic resistive and energy-efficient design.


There are a few factors one needs to check while buying a smart thermometer. It is always better to buy the smart thermostats that is feature-rich if you can afford them. Different models have different advanced features, and hence, you should check all of them before deciding. Besides, you should be watching out for ease of installation, geo-fencing, sensors, and remote access for a better purchase.

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