Top 10 Best Dual Flush Toilet Tanks Reviews In 2022

To have an exceptional flushing experience while using your toilet, you need to have a perfect toilet tank. Toilet tanks include the flushing mechanism as it acts as a water reservoir, and you can have effortless waste removal. It is highly effective in removing waste and includes multiple parts like a handle arm, refill tube, chain, flush valve, and drain hole. Some of it can come in a modern design that can easily blend with your toilet decor.

With a toilet tank, you don’t have to worry about manual pouring, and it makes sure there will be quick performance. To make sure there will be a superior performance, our team has selected the top 10 best toilet tanks. With it, there can be value for money, and you can get the one that meets your needs.

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Top 10 Best Flush Toilet Tanks Reviews

10-KOHLER AquaPiston flush technology toilet tanks

KOHLER toilet tank

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This toilet tank looks quite stylish and has a beautiful structure to make your washroom look classy. The bathroom fixture also comes with the highest flushing rate of 1.28-gallons per flush. Moreover, the tank has a chrome trip lever on the right side of it. The water conservation system makes this tank eco-friendly.

The smooth flushing lever also supports smooth and silent flushing every time. Furthermore, the low-power consuming flushing system offers super-strong flushing all the time. You can save gallons of water by using this bathroom fixture. With the help of a patented flush engine, this tank supports plug-free flushing. You can use this tank for both in your residential and commercial washrooms.


  • Supports plug-free and easier flushing.
  • The construction is extremely durable.
  • Produces forceful water vortex with less water.

9-American Standard 4019101N.222 Toilet Tanks

American Standard 4019101N.222 Toilet Tank

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This toilet tank comes in a classic structure. The neutral color scheme also makes this tank look classy and beautiful. Moreover, the bathroom fixture comes with the construction of durable and non-porous material. The tank fits most of the elongated and rounded toilet bowls. With the help of a flat tank cover, the fixture offers hassle-free storage.

This 10-inch tank also comes with an ever-clean surface. Therefore, the fixture does not catch stains and odor-causing bacteria. Furthermore, the tank has the highest flushing rate of 1.28-gallons per flush. Water-conserving technology increases the functionality of this bathroom fixture. This tank offers resistance against mold and mildew.

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  • The surface stays free of mold and mildew.
  • The flush works without clogging every time.
  • The large flush valve has a chemical-resistant flapper.

8-Delta Faucet Haywood Toilet Tanks

Delta Faucet C11905-WH Haywood Toilet Tank

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This toilet tank consists of a flush lever on the left front side. The chrome-plated finish also extends the lifespan of the lever. Moreover, the passageway of this bathroom fixture measures only 2-inch. You can simply remove the lid to clean the inner space of the tank. The flushing system of this fixture is entirely clog-free.

The white color of this tank also makes it ideal for different bathroom decorations. Furthermore, this fixture comes along with tank-to-bowl mounting hardware. Water-conserving technology offers faster, smoother, and forceful flushing every time. This bathroom fixture comes with the highest 1.28-GPH flushing rate. The tank is the combination of water-conserving technology and ultimate flushing.


  • The flushing is extremely strong.
  • Do not consume excessive water.
  • Supports clog-free and powerful flushing.

7-American Standard Cadet Tank

American Standard 4000.101.020 Cadet Tank

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With a simple and functional design, this toilet tank offers rapid and easy installation. This bathroom fixture also saves up to 20% of the water on every flush. Moreover, the easy lift-top design helps you to wash the tank without any hassle. The bathroom fixture is extremely efficient and only consumes 1.28-gallons of water per flush.

With the help of an even clean surface, the tank also slows down the formation of stains. Furthermore, the bathroom fixture prevents the growth of odor-causing bacteria. With the help of a power-wash rim, the tank supports auto cleaning with every flush. This fixture comes along with a 3-inch flush valve to offer quick and forceful flushing.


  • The lid is easily removable.
  • The tank offers hassle-free cleaning.
  • Comes with a metal chrome trip lever.

6-TOTO Drake Tank with G-Max Flushing System

TOTO ST743S#01 Drake Tank with G-Max Flushing System

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The cotton white body of this toilet tank makes it look sophisticated in your luxurious washroom. The high profile and modern design also make your bathroom look practical and beautiful. Moreover, this bathroom fixture comes along with a 1.6-gallon flushing system. With the help of a 3-inch flush valve, this tank supports a faster, forceful, and quieter flush.

With the help of a wide 2-1/8-inch glazed trap-way, this tank also offers forceful flushing all the time. Furthermore, the oversized siphon jet offers clogging-free and smoother flushing every time. The bathroom fixture has a chrome trip lever on the left side. This set comes with toilet bolt caps, tank-to-bowl, and tank-to-bowl hardware and gaskets.


  • Offers powerful and silent flushing.
  • Comes with powerful toilet bolt caps.
  • Includes a left-sided chrome trip lever.
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5-Saniflo Toilet Insulated Tank with Fill and Flush Valves

Saniflo 5 Toilet Insulated Tank with Fill and Flush Valves

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The uncomplicated fill and flush valves of this toilet tank make flushing hassle-free. You can also conveniently adjust the zero refill valves. Moreover, the included washers increase the durability of this bathroom fixture. For easy configuration, the manufacturer includes mounting hardware, like bowl screws. You can use this tank for both rounded and elongated toilet bowls.

The sober white color of this tank also makes it suitable for every residential and commercial washroom. Furthermore, this insulated tank comes with a 0.5-inch thick foam lining. The structure of this tank looks good and fits most of the bathroom decorations. This bathroom fixture comes with the highest flushing rate of 1.6-gallons per flush.


  • Includes adjustable zero-refill valves.
  • Comes with a water-conserving design.
  • Suitable for rounded and elongated bowls.

4-Niagara Stealth 0.8 GPF Toilet Tank

Niagara N7714 Stealth 0.8 GPF Toilet Tank

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This toilet tank comes with the highest flush rate of 3.03-GPH. Therefore, you can also simply adjust the flush rate from 0.8 to 3.03-GPH. Moreover, the bathroom fixture helps you to clean your toilet with just one flush. The silent flushing technology maintains the silence of your home and works atmosphere. The fixture significantly reduces the requirements of double flushing.

The super-high efficient flushing system also conserves water as per the water-conserving standards. Furthermore, with the help of patented hydraulic technology, the toilet tank supports ultra-quiet flushing every time. You can use this tank for a wide variety of round and elongated toilet bowls. This system works with a gravity-fed flush system.


  • Uses a hydraulic flushing system.
  • The flush works quietly every time.
  • The single flush system is quite powerful.

3-Gerber WHITE Maxwell Tank

Gerber 28-990 WHITE Maxwell Tank

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With a capacity of 1.28-GPH per flush, this toilet tank saves plenty of water on every flush. Moreover, the white tank lever makes flushing hassle-free for everyone. This bathroom fixture also comes with the construction of heavy-duty and non-porous material. The tank consists of a chemical-resistant silicone flapper. This fixture comes with the dual-fed siphon jet. Therefore, this model offers rapid flushes.

You can also conveniently clean your toilet by using a single flush. Furthermore, with the help of a multi-point tank-to-bowl system, the tank supports the simple and quick installation. This bathroom fixture comes along with a 3-inch flush valve. Therefore, you can increase the water flow and flushing power.

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  • Supports dual-fed siphon jet flushing.
  • Offers high speed and powerful flushing.
  • Included mounting hardware makes installation easier.

2-STERLING KOHLER Company Windham Toilet Tank

STERLING, a KOHLER Company Windham 1.28 GPF Toilet Tank

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This toilet tank has a simple and easy-to-install design. Therefore, you can also install this bathroom fixture without any difficulty. Moreover, the turbo-flushing system makes flushing quick and energy-saving. Each flush uses 1.28-gallons of water. Therefore, this fixture follows the latest water conservation standards. This tank makes better compatibility with most of the two-piece toilets.

The flushing system also does not depend on the incoming water pressure. Therefore, every time you can flush with equal water pressure. Furthermore, the premium-quality, non-porous material construction makes this tank extremely long-lasting. The glossy finish makes this bathroom fixture look classy. With the help of a polished-chrome trip lever, the tank offers smooth flushing every time.


  • Supports elongated, two-piece configuration.
  • Comes with long-lasting and non-porous construction.
  • This tank has a 3-bolt, rapid-connecting installation system.

1-TOTO Dual Flush WASHLET Drake Tank

TOTO Drake Tank

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This toilet tank comes with a newly improved design. Therefore, this bathroom fixture also offers enough power to flush instantly. Moreover, the chrome-plated trip lever makes flushing quick and trouble-free for all. This tank works with most of the standard toilet bowls. The fixture helps you to stop excessive water wastage. The model lets you select between 0.8 and 1.6-GPF.

The cotton white color of this tank simply blends with most of the washroom decorations. Furthermore, the bathroom fixture comes with a dual flushing system. Therefore, the tank flush produces instant and turbo-like water flow for faster clearance. This purchase also brings you tank-to-bowl, tank-to-bowl gasket, and toilet bolt caps for quick installation.


  • The tank has a huge capacity.
  • Has all mounting hardware for rapid installation.
  • Comes with a water-conserving flushing system.


There are different types and sizes of toilet tanks available. It is wise for you to go through each one of them and understand what they have to offer. As a buyer, you should be certain about your requirements and select products accordingly. Lastly, shortlist and compare products and opt for the perfect one for your toilet.

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