Top 10 Best Casual Sneakers Walking Shoes for Men Reviews In 2021

If you go on walks on a daily basis, then you must be properly dressed and have the right pair of shoes. It is indeed needed to avoid any sort of uneasiness and as a man’s feet are wider than a woman’s, the sizing must be accurate. Walking shoes for men is wide and comfortable enough to make you feel comfortable. Nicely padded and amazing feeling, you can now walk miles without stopping.

Now check on all the factors and proceed to buy. Our article has jotted the trusted brands for walking shoes for men that will help you walk comfortably. Maintain the shape as well as the condition of your feet.


Top 10 Best Walking Shoes for Men reviews

10. DREAM PAIRS Bruno Marc Men’s Walking Shoes

DREAM PAIRS Bruno Marc Men's Walking Shoes

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Dream Pairs brings to you one of the best quality and comfortable shoes at a reasonable price. The upper layer of this shoe has a mesh fabric. As a result, it is breathable in nature and allows good air circulation. So even when you are walking or running for miles, your feet won’t feel stuffy and wet from excessive sweat.

Due to the soft breathable mesh, even if you decide to sprint for a few hundred meters, you wouldn’t feel any abrasion caused against your skin. Moreover, the front of the walking sneakers for men also lets you customize the fit with its lace-up design.

Key features:

  • Bungee laces are highly flexible and can take a lot of stress.
  • The outsole is made from EVA material, for durability and can absorb a lot of shocks.
  • The inner sole has an EVA memory foam that cushions your feet.

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9. Rockport Men’s Rockin Chranson Walking Shoes

Rockport Men's Rockin Chranson Walking Shoes

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Rockport always makes some of the best footwear and this shoe is an incredible testament to that. Its careful construction makes it firm yet flexible. Each and every component has a bit of flex which extends and contracts with your feet as you are out for a run. So, you can run without any restrictions and with comfort.

The walking shoes for men’s outsoles have a biomechanical design that brings you stability like no other shoe. It supports you to follow your natural walking motion. The outsole has a rubber EVA material that doesn’t just provide shock absorption but also increases grip on various kinds of flat terrain.

Key features:

  • Features a mesh lining that has moisture-wicking properties to keep your feet dry.
  • Available in several rare size specifications that are a great fit for people with wide or extra wide feet.
  • Premium quality double stitching for reinforcement of upper material.

8. New Balance Men’s MW877 Walking Shoes

New Balance Men's MW877 Walking Shoes

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Be it for marathons or sprint, this pair of running shoes will give you the perfect balance and stability for conquering anything. The upper material has a combination of suede and mesh material which is soft on your skin and doesn’t block out the airflow. The suede material is used for reinforcing the mesh fabric. And the high-quality stitching increases the longevity of this product.

It lets you run for mile after mile without ending up with grimy and sweaty feet. You also get a thick rubber sole that can take the brunt of concrete, asphalt, or hard ground without any issues. It also absorbs most of the shock and reactionary impact when you are pushing against and landing on the ground repeatedly

Key features:

  • Both the collar and tongue have been padded to prevent abrasion.
  • Proudly assembled in the US, supporting over a thousand hardworking American workforce.
  • Has a classic athletic walking shoe design with a seamless branded logo on either side.

7. New Balance Men’s MW411v2 Walking Shoe

New Balance Men's MW411v2 Walking Shoe

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These shoes from New Balance have a great modern walking shoe look with a real breathable material making up most of the upper layer. It allows constant breathability so that you can stay as dry as possible. The portions which don’t have the meshed fabric material have several uniformly spread out perforations to keep the airflow going.

On the inside collar region, you also get a good amount of padding that prevents the hard surface from direct contact with your skin. Finally, you also get a foam insole which is soft and very comfortable for long use

Key features:

  • EVA midsole is lightweight and gives you superior support over long distances.
  • The outsole has sturdy rubber construction which has extensive patterns for flawless traction.
  • The shoe also has an amazing flex that can adjust to the ever-changing form of your feet while running.

6. Men’s Hook and Loop MW577 Walking Shoes

Men's Hook and Loop MW577 Walking Shoes

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New Balance always makes some of the most fashionable shoes and this one packs in quite a lot more than just great looks. These durable shoes from the brand will make you feel like your walking on clouds. They don’t have the hassle that comes with laces. So, you don’t need to waste time looping one lace through the other or learn extensively about knots.

Like the name suggests it has a simple hook and loop strap system which makes it much easy for getting in and out of these shoes. The leather upper will protect your feet in most conditions and allows air to flow freely through the perforations

Key features:

  • Rounder ankle with padded collar and tongue fits great.
  • The removable cushioning footbed provides plenty of comfort and even has perforated details.
  • The midsole has a construction of resilient polyurethane material.

5. Skechers Performance Men’s 4 Walking Shoes Incredible Go

Skechers Performance Men's 4 Walking Shoes Incredible Go

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Skechers has designed these lightweight walking shoes for men with a tapered midfoot. As a result, help during the arches made by your feet during walks. It has a snug fit and feels so light that you will feel like you are walking on bare feet with some kind of protection against the hot asphalt.

They have a great response and can move or flex anyway along with your feet. So if you want to go a bit off route while returning home for just a bit of adventure, you can do so without any problems. The 5GEN midsole has unique technology and engineering behind its making to give you a soft landing every time your heel strikes the ground

Key features:

  • The footbed is lined with bamboo derivatives for protection against bacteria growth and bad odor.
  • The S logo at the side is indeed very appealing.
  • Rubber sole has great anti-skid properties.

4. CAMVAVSR Men’s Sneakers Fashion Walking

CAMVAVSR Men's Sneakers Fashion Walking

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These shoes from Camvavsr have all the essential features that you expect from a good walking shoe. Its feet have a streamlined design that hugs the natural shape of your feet and sits with a snug fit. The upper region is crafted from mesh material with supertiny gaps that are great for ventilation. This helps to keep your feet cool while running or walking. Unlike other shoes that are heavy and have bulky material, this shoe has synthetic and fabric materials construction which are light enough to become an insignificant weight during your strolls. Camvavsr makes its shoes with responsibility under the supervision and strict standards.

Key features:

  • Since they are covered by a warranty period of 1 year, you can make a worry-free purchase.
  • The ribbed and contoured outsole has a high anti-skid performance.
  • At half a pound. It is probably one of the lightest walking shoes on the market.

3. WellUp Men’s Walking Shoes Casual Sneaker

WellUp Men's Walking Shoes Casual Sneaker

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If breathability and comfort while walking is a priority, then these are the best pair of shoes that you can get in the market. It has a knit fabric that doesn’t just accentuate its look but feels cozy, soft, and breathable. Due to the knit fabric upper layer, you get the natural airflow that you expect from your clothing.

This doesn’t just help to keep sweat to a minimum but also keeps your feet cool. And relaxed even when you are walking for a long duration or considerable distance. The midsole is a bit thicker at the heel region which makes it more shock absorbent and also reduces the heavy impact on your heel.

Key features:

  • Diamond-shaped criss-cross outsole pattern increases traction on most surfaces,
  • Extremely flexible and can bend without any damage to the shoes.
  • The wide back strap makes it easier for taking the shoes on or off,

2. Steel Edge Men’s Casual Shoes

Steel Edge Men's Casual Shoes

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 Steel Edge has created comfortable walking shoes that are unrivaled in terms of price to performance ratio. With a casual look, they go with any attire and are great for day to day use. The shoe caller, as well as the tongue, has been padded quite well since these are the places where the skin has chances of abrasion when you put the shoes on or off.

In fact, the padding doesn’t just act as a layer of protection but also keeps your feet comfortable as it arches around during walks. The interior has a soft textile lining that is gentle on your skin and keeps you comfortable throughout the walk.

Key features:

  • Have perforations to maintain airflow and resist sweating.
  • The outsole is super tough to face the brunt of the everyday impact.
  • Lightweight design with a long backstrap that helps in sliding your feet into the shoe.

1. Brooks Men’s Addiction Walking Shoes

Brooks Men's Addiction Walking Shoes

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Brooks brings a great walking shoe that can keep up with the natural way that your feet move and change shape while walking. It has a casual contemporary look which makes it fit for everyday use no matter where you go. The upper material in this shoe has a nubuck leather construction.

As a matter of fact, it is velvety in nature and soft yet highly durable. With the adjustable tie up laces, you can get the desired fit and walk without the shoe coming off or being loose.

Key features:

  • Due to MC Pod configuration, you can get both the outsole and midsole working in perfect harmony for excellent motion control.
  • The medial arc is smooth and controlled due to PDRB technology.
  • Inner material has a meshed and padded fabric for breathability and comfort.


Start your day with a walk full of energy. And the comfortable walking shoes for men will not let you feel any pain or any uneasiness.

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